Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis

GENRE: Free to play MMO City Building - Strategy
PLATFORM: Web Browsers and mobile


A strategic and exciting empire building MMO players must amass a powerful army, gather resources, make allies and breed dragons in their fight to climb the game’ leaderboard; the game is free to play and does not require client download with players able to play directly through their web browser.


  • Breed and grow your own dragons

  • Expand your city into a massive empire

  • Raise a powerful army

  • Unlock new technologies

  • Fight against AI and real world players

  • Free to play MMO

  • Browser gameplay


At its core Dragons of Atlantis is a traditional strategy city building MMO where players primarily have to gather resources to build, train, upgrade and maintain their empire and armies as well as managing their time, with all aspects and actions of the game taking seconds, minutes and hours to perform whether building, training or traveling.

The game has a competitive gameplay that predominantly revolves around PVP and players can try to work together with other players forming an alliance, or even try to work their way up the rank ladders earning prizes as they progress into different tiers. Due to the time constraints of building and training, etc. the game has a casual but constant nature, players find themselves waiting on timers to finish before they can proceed with anything else.


Once the Science Centre is constructed players can begin to learn new technologies by spending time and gold researching them; learning new technologies and upgrading them opens up more options such as being able to construct new buildings, train new troops, breed different dragons and even trade with other players.


Players start out with an initial city that is their home base and the location of their first Keep Dragon, here they will be able to construct a variety of resource production buildings in the Field tab, whereas other buildings such as homes, garrisons and the dragon nest itself are built inside the walls in the City tab. Constructing new buildings takes time and resources and also used up a Worker, starting out players only have one worker available and so can only build or upgrade an existing building one at a time.


There is a huge selection of troops available in Dragons of Atlantis and players will unlock access to them with different technologies, which require certain building and account levels, meaning players can’t simply focus on getting the strongest unit in the game. Units have an attack and defense value as well as a number of other stats, when amassed in an army and used to either attack or defend these collective stats and the makeup of the army will determine whether the force is victorious in battle against an enemy as their stats are compared and calculated.

There are a number of unique units that can be used such as Spies who will gather information, the type of information they bring back is determined by the Clairvoyance technology and what level it has been upgraded to. Alternatively Porters are equally important, whilst having little combat proficiency they are great at returning resources and loot from conquests to be added to the players supplies.


Expansion is the name of the game and players can settle new outposts when they come into the possession of a new dragon egg; these eggs are earned by collecting special resources, by breeding your own dragons within your private Sanctuary and upgrading them, or purchasing them through the game shop. Simply having an egg isn’t enough to use it, players need to meet certain level and technology requirements as well as possessing a particular type of terrain.

Once the pre-reqs are met and the new terrain is occupied, players are able to settle this land and build an outpost using their preferred dragon egg, which will then be born, trained and turned into a defender of the outpost. Outposts are useful for expanding borders and influence, meeting new players, gaining access to more resources and become part of your own network as you trade between your settlements and move your army between them.


Web Browser


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