Genre: Free to play MMO Strategy

Developer: Barunson Interactive

Platform: Windows


Dragonica is a free to play MMO RPG with 3-D platform side scrolling graphics, and arcade combat style system and a unique combo feature.


At the Dragon War’s end the Dragons were excited world into the Aether’s forgotten depths, leaving the humans to live out their lives in peace, peace that would not last. Hell-bent on vengeance, the dark Dragon Elga spurred on a revolt and began an invasion into the human lands. A millennia has passed since Elga was defeated by the legendary Five Heroes and imprisoned within the labyrinths known only as the Shadow Cabinet. Once more the safety of the humans is in jeopardy as an unknown agent plans to once more release the ancient Dark Dragon upon the world and so new heroes must once again rise to defend off the darkness.

Playable Classes

There are four classes that players can choose from:

The Warrior - gifted with physical prowess and the ability to wield powerful attacks and also act as the primary defender of a group soaking up any damage inflicted the Warrior can advance into either becoming a skilled Knight or a deadly Gladiator

The Magician - the lacking in strength the magician makes of this shortfall with powerful, devastating magical attacks. Gaining their knowledge through years of training in the Magic Towers they understand the main principles of the magic that they wield. Magicians can in time become healing Monks for hardened Battlemages

 The Archer – though able to look after themselves in melee the Archer excels at long range where they are deadly opponents utilising their bow and arrow. In time an Archer focus on using explosive modernised weapons by training as an deadly Arbalist or may hone their abilities with more common weapons and become a Pathfinder

The Thief - able to dodge in and out of battle making specific deadly strikes the Thief relies on dexterity, misdirection and subterfuge to take down their enemies. In time thief may progress into becoming a flamboyant Jester or a shadowy Assassin


Players can own and decorate their own houses, using a variety of cosmetic items to put their own personal touch on their abode. However houses server more practical use and players can use it for sending and receiving messages, storing items and housing their pets.


 There is a wide selection of pets available in the game, from the cute to the fearsome these companions will travel with you in your adventures, aiding you in your battles along the way and in time will evolve into much more powerful creatures.

 System Requirements

Graphics Card: ATI X300, GeForce2, Geforce 5500/6200/7300 or higher

CPU: AMD Athlon64 2800+, AMD XP 2500+, Pentium 4 1.6GHz or higher
RAM: 512MB
Connection: Internet Connection
Hard Drive Space Requirement: 2GB



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