Dragon Ball Z Online

Dragon Ball Z Online

GENRE: Free to play RPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


Dragon Ball Z Online is an action focused team building RPG where players step into the popular world created by the Dragon Ball Z anime series; fight against the shows biggest enemies, ally yourself with some of the greatest heroes, and begin your quest in search of the Dragon Balls. Free to play and accessible through your preferred web browser, Dragon Ball Z Online is a team building RPG strategy with PVP and PVE focus.


- Three classes of character: Android, Majin and Saiyan
- Dozens of Dragon Ball characters to meet and recruit
- Equip characters with powerful equipment
- Compete in marital arts contests
- Travel the world looking for Dragon Balls
- Quest orientated PVE Campaign
- Arena based PVP battles
- Free to play
- Browser game


At its core Dragon Ball Z Online is an RPG style MMO where players acquire new heroes as they progress through the story driven PVE campaign, level up and unlock more features including the Arena where they can PVP with each other and earn rank. The combat in the game focuses on an automated turn based battle system where, when battle begins, players have no control over what moves and skills their characters perform or when, instead relying on different calculations and the game automatically resolving each round of combat and both sides actions. The strategy element of the game comes in choosing which new heroes a player wishes to recruit into their team, where they wish to position them on the team’s formation, and actively keeping the character and their gear levelled up to make them more powerful.


The players initial character is one of three main character classes; Majin (energy combat), Saiyan (physical combat) or Android (counter attack combat), this character determines the max level of any other heroes that are recruited into the group. Subsequent heroes can be recruited to fulfil different roles, typically revolving around the main character (as this character must always be part of the combat formation). Each hero has their unique skill, which determines how they perform in combat, as well as some base stats and a “grade” that defines the characters quality. Main heroes can be levelled up by earning XP from finishing battles, whereas other heroes are levelled up with XP scrolls; as well as this all heroes can be equipped with six different types of gear that will define a characters attack speed, damage, physique, defenses and more.

Heroes/characters are placed into the battle formation in different positions; some heroes can only be put into certain positions and so limits which types of characters can battle alongside each other. The position a character takes in a formation can define where it attacks in an enemy formation, whether it is a front line vanguard defender, or a backline support/DPS.


The campaign mode is where players will take a greater role in the main story-arc, trying to recover the Dragon Balls and stop the various bad guys from getting their hands on them; players will meet many of the key characters from the show and recruit some of the heroes typically after defeating them in combat. Quests are broken down into strongholds, a series of stages that players must complete in sequence unlocking them one at a time, growing in difficulty as they face more challenging enemies and some boss creatures with more powerful attacks.

Players have twenty rounds of combat to defeat their opponents, earning stars for their success which translates into greater rewards for the stage; more rewards are earned by turning over one of three cards for extra XP and silver currency once the stage is complete, as well as the chance to earn items and materials.


The Arena is the main place to PVP, competing against other player’s teams to try and earn fame, prizes and rank; players can challenge the Arena 15 times per day (more attempts can be made but cost tokens or gold) with a maximum of 100 attempts. Players can also take defeated opponents as “Slaves” giving them added combat advantages.


Internet Browser


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