Dogs of War Online

GENRE: Free to play Strategy MMO


Dogs of War Online is a free to play tactical turn-based MMO, based off a supplement of the board game “Confrontation” that went by the same name. Here players are able to create their own war band of mercenaries made up from various fighting units and sending them into battle against other players.


- Form your own playable mercenary company
- Three factions to choose from
- Three unique magic systems available
- Your one band exists in a persistent world
- Go head-to-head against other players in classic game modes such as team deathmatch
- Completely free to play


The game uses traditional hex based movement and requires strategy and tactics to overcome your enemy opponents. Players must move around the map, navigating around various terrain features and trying to gain a superior position against the enemy using melee and ranged attacks. Each player gets 30 seconds to act with their unit so the game is extremely fast paced.

Each unit has a number of actions it can take per round as well as a number of special abilities that can be performed in the entirety of the match.


There are three factions which players can choose from in the game:

Baronies of Acheron (Ram) – and nightmare horde of on dead and Demons that have emerged from the spectral fog, those who do not flee and fall by their sword will rise once more to join them. Though their units move slower they have a high defense and high attack and can frighten enemies that are close and deal brutal strikes.

Children of Yllia (Wolf) – The army of Wolfen has long ranged terror on the people of Aarklash, their predatory and savage ways are primitive and brutal. High burst damage, multiple attacks and quick moving with lower defences.

The Kingdom of Alahan (Lion) – The defenders of light and justice they are the valiant defenders fighting the evils of the world and the darkness it brings forth. Mages and armored knights and archers create a varied and diverse line of attackers and defenders.


Players can upgrade and customize each independent unit within their army, choosing which skills they want them to train giving a wide variety of strategy and customization for each player to build a team best suited to their style of play. Units gain their own individual XP through being used and as they level up they get access to a different selection of skills for each level, some of which have pre-requisites of skills from previous levels.

As players level up they gain more Army Points (AP) so that they can have more units in their army, which means players are matched up against players with similar AP that makes the two sides balanced.


There are three game modes available in the game:

Deathmatch – Players must wipe out all the enemy units with no time limit.

Elimination VIP – Each team has their own “Notable” that they must defend whilst the opposing team seeks to assassinate them to win the game.

King of the Hill – Players must occupy a central area where they will gain points, those with the most points at the end of the game wins.

There are also training and tutorial modes available.


players have a variety of missions that they can perform to try and earn extra gold and XP to build up their army outside of PVP combat, all of which can be done while off-line but does incur some penalties such as injury to your unit. Each mission takes a certain amount of time and also has a gold cost associated to it to perform it. If a units is sent out on a mission and is killed, which can happen, then players have to use a “Fate Card” to bring them back to life, an expensive item that can be purchased from the armoury, otherwise that unit is lost for good.





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