GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORM: Windows / Mac / Linux / Web Browser


Explore a rich developed world of fantasy and magic as you step into the shoes of a great hero blessed by the gods, Dofus is an exciting free to play MMORPG that players can access directly through their web browser or choose a downloadable client. A feature rich with game hundreds of hours of content and challenging tactical turn-based combat the game offers something for everyone.


- 16 Different Classes to choose from
- A vast world to explore filled with quests
- Advance your crafting skills
- Unlock, train and breed new pets
- PvP Content
- Free to Play


Dofus is a story driven MMO RPG where players can choose from a variety of classes and engage in tactical turn-based combat, the game holds all the trappings of a classic MMORPG from questing, dungeon raids, character levelling, combat and crafting. With purchasable items from the in game shop or a subscription-based membership which will unlock a variety of new features, the game offers something for everyone and offers a number of payment options.


One of the biggest features of the game is the number of classes available to players, with 16 to choose from each can be customised to fit into different roles picking up different abilities and spells. Some exmaples are:

Feca’s Shield - a faithful and defensive protector they are gifted with elemental armour and the ability to absorb otherwise deadly attacks

Osamodas’s Whip - these powerful summoners can call forth animals to aid them in battle, excellent animal tamers they are valued support members on a team

Enutrof’s Fingers - these fast and agile treasure hunters can sprint around the map with ease with movement prevention buffs on their enemies, speed boosts and the ability to summon useful items

Sram’s Shadow - these shadowy combatants are notable thieves and assassins, able to slip a hand in an enemy’s pocket or a dagger in their back

Xelor’s Sandglass - these almighty timelords have control over any time related devices such as clocks and pendulums and can slow down their enemies or teleport around the map by warping time


Combat is extremely tactical and focuses on high levels of strategy taking on turn-based combat players must use their characters and manoeuvre them around a square grid map and try to out manoeuvre their opponents and position themselves to gain most from their abilities. Players can create a team of up to 8 players in order to take down the greatest challenges in the game that yield the greatest rewards.


Players have the chance to play on Oto Mustam, the Heroic Server where player death is final and the moment a player loses a battle and succumbs to their enemy than they are no more and must start again with their chosen character. Whilst the penalties are harsh the rewards are greater and the XP rate is greatly boosted to allow players to quickly get into the more challenging areas.


There are a number of different professions that players are able to pick up from Harvesting professions such as the Alchemist who can prepare potions to recover energy and health or Fisherman who can catch various fish used in foods to give players beneficial effects. The Crafting professions better utilise the ingredients and materials gained from Harvesting professions, such as a Sword Smith being able to forge mighty swords from those ingredients acquired by a Miner, or the Jeweller able to craft powerful magical trinkets. Finally, the Smithmagic professions are restricted to higher level characters and enable them to create powerful magic versions of their normal Crafted gear.


Players can acquire pets in the game, anything from cosmetic companions, mounts to battle ready allies that will deal various effects in combat from heals to direct damage to enemy opponents. Pets can be acquired in various ways typically through completing quests, killing particular challenging creatures or purchased in the in game store as unique items.


Whilst the game is completely free to play players have the option of becoming a subscriber to the game which opens up a vast number of bonuses and extra features such as gaining access to the entire world with no restricted areas including cities, dungeons and islands. Players gain more choice of pets, can level up their professions to the level 100 cap, create a Guild or join one, take part in PVP combat and even buy houses and enclosures to breed their own mounts.


O/S: Windows 98 SE +, Mac OS 9 +, Linux
CPU: Pentium III 1GHz or equivalent
RAM: 256MB
HDD: 120MB
Video: Standard Video Card
Flash Version: 8.0


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