GENRE: First Person Online Shooter
PLATFORM: Windows / Next Gen Consoles


Destiny is developed by the company that brought us Halo who now bring a new action first person shooter set in a persistent science fiction meets mythology sandbox world, using dynamic world events that happened on their own accord where players can create their own unique and fully customise character to shape their lock and how they fight in the battle against alien invaders.


- From the creators of Halo
- Action-based MMO with in-depth plot driven storyline
- Competitive multiplayer and cooperative gameplay
- Explore a vast game world discovering the remains of our own solar system
- Three classes to choose from


The game whilst having many MMO elements has repeatedly been said by the developers that it is not in fact an MMO, but is a “shared world shooter” given that it lacks many of the traditional MMO features. Instead of one large playable server there are automated matchmaking services that will group players together and only allow them to interact with those players.


Mankind had long stretched outwards beyond the planet Earth, engulfing the entire solar system we have colonised beyond our home world from Mars to Venus, but now all stands in ruins, destroyed by our enemies are last stand is on Earth, the last city that remains of our once glorious Empire.

Protected by the powers of the Traveler, and moons sized structure that arrived long ago it has long defended as against the enemies of man and now if we are to see out our future we must look to the past and unlock its secrets.


There are three playable classes in Destiny:

The Hunter: those brave and daring explorers that would risk their lives in the wastes and wilderness beyond the protected cities are now called into action, there ingenuity and skill needed to help protect humankind.

The Titan: hailing from a legendary line of heroes, those first Titans responsible for building and defending the Wall, you stand where they once stand, ready to defend against your enemies as they did and showing them the same force and the mercilessness that they will show you.

The Warlock: scholars of the Traveler, they have managed to master some of the arcane energy that it gives off, though its true purpose is still unknown, but in this mystery lies the key to defeating your enemies and the secrets of the next Golden Age.


Within the game players will be able to explore a number of different regions and ruins across the solar system:

Earth: an abandoned and wild landscape where the Earth that was is now but a distant memory, this untamed frontier is the only home many have ever known and also the home of many of our enemies that lie beyond the Walls of the City. Eccles of the great civilisations that once stood here still remain and may offer clues on how to once more reclaim our shattered Empire.

The Moon: a classified forbidden zone due to the dangers that roam both its surface and live in the heart of its very core it is the home to many of the greatest threats humankind has ever seen.

Beyond: from red desert plains of Mars to the lush inhospitable jungles of Venus, are Empire stretched far and what remains of these colonised planets is still unknown as Earth awaits on reports from the Vanguard as to what can be salvaged.


Humankind faces enemies on all fronts, as they expanded beyond their own planet they have long since known the truth about life on other planets, most of which are violent towards the humans, particularly the multi-limbed “Fallen” who firmly believe that Earth rightly belongs to them.

The Cabal made their presence known years ago at the Twilight Gap, was to majority of their operations seem to focus around Mars, the true length and breadth of their organisation is still unknown.


Currently Unknown



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