Desert Operations military strategy game

Desert Operations

Desert Operations

In desert operations you are the ruler of your own small country and must compete against thousands of other players in this military strategy that is completely free to play. Utilise diplomacy, trade or raise your own army to get what you want through force, use your world influence to create alliances and declare war whilst keeping any hostile takeovers at bay. Desert Operations is a Free-to-play MMO Strategy Game.

Available Units

in the game there are four different unit types that players can use: air, ground, defence and water.

Air Units - the major advantage of an air units is the loweredtime for the deployment and the increased penetration level, however it has an average fuel consumption and fixed cost.

Foottroops - cheaper than most units as well as an overall quicker production time. Other than the Navy Seals they also have no oil consumption and are particularly useful in deception manoeuvres. However they can have a weak attack and also low defense value and are unable to defend themselves from certain types of weapons.

Armoured Vehicles - with an increased attack and defence combined with an normal deployment time they also have a more balanced value for money and overall and more stable fixed cost. Unfortunately they do have a diesel consumption and are particularly vulnerable to air attacks.

Defense - extremely strong units with no fixed cost, no use for espionage and the higher research expenditure requirement is needed.

The Bank

Players can save their income in the bank, by saving your money will grow with daily interest rates and so the more money you have saved the more money you will get back. Players are able to access their bank at any time to make deposits or withdrawals, interest rates are calculated depending on the gold and oil that was in circulation in commerce on the previous day.

The Buildings

There are many different types of buildings that players can choose from; action buildings, military buildings, and producing buildings. Any type of manufacturing building can give a player raw materials, these can be taken over during an attack or and lost during an enemy assault (and munitions factories are the only exception). The action buildings are used to represent what available actions the player can take, such as managing your bank account or starting an attack. Military buildings are required for a player to build up their units and armed forces.

Buildings cost time to create and money to maintain, these values increase depending on how many buildings and you already have, the more buildings the longer the production time and the overall cost to build it.

Premium Players

Players can purchase diamonds which can be used this too grand a number of different benefits including changing the weather, altering your name, unlocking a general, exchanging your commodities, buying special weapons and instant completing production queues.

System Requirements

Internet connection and Browser

Genre: Free to play MMO Strategy


Playzo GmbH


Internet Browsers


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