Desert Blitz

Desert Blitz

Genre: Free to play Strategy MMO
Platform: Web Browser
Developer: Sealmedia


In this browser-based free to play MMO you take on the role as Supreme Commander of your own nations army, responsible for constructing your base and equipping your army with weapons as you go head-to-head against thousands of players from across the world on four dedicated servers. Your own forces are made up of infantry, tank units, air force, motorised units, cruise missiles and Special Forces, how you deploy your troops to either invade, sabotage or use espionage is down to you as Supreme Commander!

Key Features

-          Secure needed resources and attack your enemies armies and bases

-          All the 30 units and buildings available offering in-depth strategy

-          Create an Alliance with other Commanders with the coalition feature

-          Completely free to play


Set in the not too distant future in Rakistan, war-torn state at the heart of Central Asia that suffers as valuable oil resources continue to dwindle and converting to an alternative energy source is near impossible with the struggling economy. For those industrial nations oil is in high demand and short supply and when huge deposits were discovered in the Republic of Rakistan the area was turned into an all-out war zone as vying governments and corporations fight for control of this resource.


This exciting strategy game allows players to utilise tactics during various operations as players compete against each other when their huge armies clash on the battlefield in full-scale warfare.

 System Requirement

Internet Browser





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