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DDTanks is a free to play online shooter game where players must compete against each other trying to cause damage to each other in battle, where angle, power, position and wind all facts are into the accuracy of your shots.

Main Features

  • Child friendly cartoon graphics

  • Cute illustrative backgrounds

  • Wide selection of cosmetic items and powerups

  • Variety of weapons with different attack affects

  • A number of battle modes available

  • Atmospheric music and sound effects


the combat in DDTank is pretty basic and simply requires that you kill not your enemy off the map, once you have learned how to aim and take into account the environmental factors such as wind then it becomes pretty simple to play yet had to master. The game is free to play and rooms on any Internet browser, DDTank is very much like the game Worms so if you’re a fan of that title than this may be the game for you.


World Menu Activites

The game has a variety of different activities available to players which can be found in the world menu:

Shop - players can personalise and graze their own characters using coins and vouchers and by a number of items to customise them

League - start up your own or apply to join another one gaining benefits and boosts in the process

Game House - location to do battle with the players

Wedding Chapel - this is where you can go if you wish to get married

System Requirements

Internet connection


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