Dawnbreaker Online

Dawnbreaker Online


Dawnbreaker Online is a free to play fantasy themed RPG, Dawnbreaker follows the player as he embarks on a journey as a hero summoned by the Goddess of Time herself to defend the realm against the rising evils that threaten it. Focusing on building up a team of heroic companions, advancing through the game unlocking new content and features, and competing against other players for PVP rank, the game can be accessed directly through web browser with a free account registration.


- Multiple heroes and deities to recruit
- Two player character classes
- Story driven quests
- Various PVP and PVE features
- Advance, upgrade and augment companions and their gear
- Free to play
- Browser game


The core focus of the game is for players to build up as strong a team of heroes as possible, able to choose from a variety of characters that can be customized in different ways; ultimately players look to increase each character’s Power level, which in turn increases their overall team Power so that they can challenge high level PVE and PVP content.


There are two different class characters in the game, a male warrior and a female caster; each has abilities that are unique to them and provide a different style of gameplay for the player. The male warrior focuses on having a strong defense, sitting on the front line they protect their allies from incoming attacks and damage. The female caster is a ranged high damage dealer, more suited to the back line of a formation away from direct attacks, able to take down her foes from a distance.


As players advance through the game they will meet and have the option to recruit various new champions that will join alongside them in combat, filling different roles such as a healing support, ranged and melee damage dealer or tank, the different choices allow players to fill any holes in their attack and defense from their own player character choice as well as heroes that synergize well with them. Each companion has their own abilities, stats, ultimates, gear and rarity to determine their overall Power level as well as how useful they are to a player for their own personal combat strategy and what positions they need to fill in their battle formation.


Fighting is the name of the game and combat is the majority of content in the game, either PVE or PVP. When entering combat players have partial control of their character and companions, going face to face with their opponent all the fighters will attack automatically in turn, players are unable to target specific enemies, however, different abilities that use Mana Points to cast will attack a set target (e.g. the first target in front of them), different rows such as the front or back line, and even different columns such as all enemies in a line of fire in front of a character.

As the player character and companions continue to fight they slowly build up their Ultimate ability, players manually activate not only their own character’s Ultimate, but also those of their companions providing a lot more hands on control to players when in combat.


The main content is PVE focused and starts with quest based tasks sending players into stages where they must fight enemies to advance the story line; the campaign is a series of linear quests that must be completed in order and will grant players various rewards, XP and items. By completing a stage successfully the player is rated out of three stars, based on how many companions died in the battle, how much damage was taken, and how long it took them to complete it; with three stars players earn the highest rewards and they can also “Blitz” a previously completed stage, which allows them to spend currency to repeat a stage automatically to get the rewards from it.


With their teams built players can head into the PVP Arena around level 23 after completing a specific PVE stage. The Arena allows players to challenge a selection of players that are ahead of them in the Arena ranking and take on that player’s own team; though the rival player is not in the battle themselves and the game takes control of the opponent’s characters, so too is it the same for anyone challenging your own team. Earn rank by defeating players and in time earn rewards.

GENRE: Free to play RPG

PLATFORM: Web Browser



Web Browser


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