Cyber Monster 2


Developer: NGames Interactive Limited

Platform: Internet browsers


Based on Cyber Monster and Pokemon, Cyber Monster 2 is free-to-play turn-based browser MMORPG in which players enter a magical land full of powerful pets, continuous action and even romance to start their own legend. They will be able to tackle thrilling dungeons and engage in faction wars.


After a lengthy and fierce battle against the Shadow Dragon, a powerful warrior once brought peace back to the Nezor continent. However, hundreds of years later, a terrible rumour started to spread throughout the kingdom, warning that the whole world will once again fall under control of the ancient evils and everyone will become slaves to the darkness. Only those ordinary warriors, who dare to sacrifice themselves, can save the world.

Giant dragons suddenly appeared in the City of Hero and attacked the fortress of the city. Though the soldiers fought bravely, the entire city fell after a terrible volcanic eruption. The dragons are yet to invade the entire kingdom. Troops are busy fighting off evil minions around the country, which is an arduous task, and the situation is getting worse. The dead soldiers are controlled by the devil himself and become evil slaves.

Only the warriors from the Light Altar, a place of prayer for the priests, can save the kingdom…


- Vibrant, detailed fantasy world

- 3 classes to choose from

- A Plethora of pets & mounts to collect

- Various systems to increase character abilities

- Multiple events & social activities

- No download required

- Completely free-to-play


There are two rival factions in Cyber Monster 2 that differ in their beliefs and interests:


Founded by the great sage Aruma, Eagle is one of the two greatest legions in the kingdom. Many of its members are holding key positions in the country. They stand for freedom, being intent on a good neighbourliness and developing the domestic economy.

Searing Blade

Founded by the great militarist Geremi, Searing Blade is the second great legion in the kingdom. Its senior members hold the military power in the country. It is an aggressive legion, often appealing to the kingdom to invade small counties nearby.


Cyber Monster 2 offers three distinct classes players may choose from:


With their powerful physical attack, warriors are always battling on the forefront. Their great strength and HP enables them to destroy their enemies’ defence.


Weak in defence, mages are gifted with the powerful magic that attacks multiple enemies at once. Top mages who study the power of elements can even crush dragons in an instant.


Swift and nimble as the wind, rangers are able to attack from afar before the enemy even realises. They excel in aiming enemies precisely, destroying their armour to cause fatal damage.


The game features loads of different pets and mounts players are able to collect and customise. Not only do they differ in their appearance, but they also have their own unique skills and abilities. Pets gain EXP and potential from taking part in events and battles. They can be used in different formations to assist the player in combat. Mounts add to the character’s stats as well and can be upgraded and enhanced.


Single characters can get married in the City of Light. There’s no limitation on the gender; characters can love whoever they want. The couple will attend a wedding ceremony during which they exchange their rings and receive gift from their guests. After the marriage, both will join each other in battle.

A divorce can be done one-sidedly by using a divorce item available in the shop.


There are several events held in-game players can participate in to gain rewards and EXP:

Turnip Match

This treasure hunting match is held every day by the kingdom. The pet who finds the most turnips will win the match. Participation grants pet EXP and potential and occasionally crystals and achievement rewards.

Faction War

Faction War is all about occupying strongholds, there are fifteen in total throughout the map that must be captured and defended in order to win medals and gold.


The competition event takes place once a week, on Saturday for individual characters, on Sunday for groups. Players can enter in order to test their strengths against others and will be rewarded with medals which can be exchanged for items in the arena shop.


Wanted is an event from which characters get pets, items, medals, elements, and gold by battling against criminals listed as wanted.


Web browser

Internet connection


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