Cultures Online

Genre: Free to play Browser Strategy MMORPG
Platform: Internet Browser
Developer: Funatics


this free to play MMORPG can be played directly in your Internet browser and is based around Viking exploration and conquest. Starting in your own village to the distant north, settled on an island close to Iceland players are able to recruit new citizens and put them to work to improve and expand your village or alternatively take to the sea to explore the North and find adventure for yourself.

The Game

when your chosen hero successfully completes an expedition then they will gain experience and a reward of gold, items and resources. It is entirely up to you whether you establish them in the village and focus on building and expanding where his own abilities will focus on defence, depending on your own choices. Players are able to enhance their studies in Alchemy to expand your knowledge on improving buildings, innovations to increase your building and mining speed and various combat training methods.

Main Features

-          Beautifully rendered web graphics for heroes and user interface

-          Simplistic combat system

-          Expand your viking village into a bustling city

-          Research undiscovered technologies

-          Raise an army and conquer unknown lands with friends

-          Arm your hero with various items, armour and weapons earned in your journey

-          Join an ever-growing online is community

-          Create a tribe with other players and get your own tribal island

Playable Classes

Players are able to choose from three different classes; as a warrior they focus on single handed weapons and put a use to a shield for balance defences so that they can take a lot of damage at the expense of less offensive capabilities. Whilst in their village they are most effective as a lumberjack. The berserker focuses more on all-out offensive, equipped with huge two-handed swords and axes they have increased strength that aid them in battle and also puts them in good stead for working in a quarry when not on the battlefield. Finally the Ranger uses their long range attacks with bows and arrows to take out their enemies from a distance; intelligent heroes they make the finest researchers and excel in the alchemist workshop.

The different weapons that heroes can use have particular strengths and weaknesses against other types, creating a rock-paper-scissors system to balance out the three classes and weapon types: projectile, two-handed and single-handed.

Quest Types

Randomly Generated - when coming across an NPC that has an exclamation mark over their head you are able to accept a quest that has been randomly generated, showing a menu to locate your opponent, the time it takes to reach them and the reward for completing the quest. If accepted players are able to select which of their heroes will be sent out on a quest who will then be sent out and once the timer runs down will arrive and do battle with the opponent at the chosen location. If your hero is still alive when the battle ends then you are declared the victor and are rewarded with experience, resources and valuable items.

Story - these quest types are specific to certain areas and are generally more difficult than the randomly generated quests, but players are rewarded more substantially for completing them.

System Requirement

Internet Connection


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