CroNix Online

CroNix Online

GENRE: Free to play Shooter MOBA


CroNix is a free to play shooter MOBA where players fight against each other in challenging action packed PVP bouts in an objective based arena; with a variety of character classes to choose from players can work together with their team as a Tanker, Support or Assaulter. Players can gain currency to purchase new characters, boosters and gear for their inventory as they work with each other or against challenging AI bots.


  • 13 Unique Characters to choose from

  • Switch between characters in battles

  • Intense action combat

  • Customizable inventory with various tonics to use in battle

  • Four primary game modes: Raid, Domination, Brawl and Elimination

  • Free to play


The core gameplay focuses on team based battle where players will fight in teams of 5 either against another team of five or against five AI bots, whether fighting against players or bots is determined solely by the selected game mode. Through playing matches players earn items, in game currency and XP, which in turn will allow them to access new characters through the in game store.


There are four key game modes in CroNix:

  • Brawl – A 3v3 battle where players must win three of five rounds in a team deathmatch

  • Survival – A 5v5 battle where players earn points for killing the enemy team or by acquiring and refining “S.O.D.” and the first to 60 points wins

  • Domination – A 7v7 battle where players must try to capture and secure three control points, earning points the longer they are held, with a central point that doesn’t provide points but acts as a more beneficial respawn location

  • Raid – A 5v5 battle where players both teams have a harvester that is slowly losing power and at the centre of the map a Power Cell spawns throughout the game, players must try to capture the cell and return it to their friendly harvest to replenish its power


There are thirteen different characters in the game, each of which has their own abilities and unique tactics and attacks to employ in battle as well as a particular role they fill. The three key roles are Tanker, Supporter and Assaulter; the Tanker’s main role is to protect their team mates and use their overall survivability to help push a team towards an objective relying on their higher health and defence rating. The Supporter is tasked with buffing teammates and debuffing the enemy, gain assist kills if a buffed allied player kills an enemy or a debuffed enemy is killed. Assaulter’s are the high damage dealers and are responsible for suppressing the enemy, ideal as melee or ranged combatants. Some of the available characters in the game are:

  • Chris – A brutal melee assaulter he is a trained martial artist who can chain together some explosive kicks and punches to dominate enemies in close combat with his high attack speed and mobility

  • Liulian – A sneaky stealthier that is able to disappear completely from sight and unleash powerful ambush attacks on unsuspecting opponents that lack the skill or tonic consumables to reveal her

  • Heabig – Armed with a huge riot shield this tanker is able to provide cover for himself and his teammates whilst simultaneously using his shield as a weapons, smashing enemies to the ground and pummelling them with it

  • Iron Fist – Equipped with two mechanical hands, one that is capable of firing off a ranged snipe shot and another that fires out a metal fist on a chain to knock enemies down, his special ability allows him to fire five homing missiles at enemies


Combat has a slow and methodical pace when it comes to mobility, and players won’t feel particularly fast especially as the heavier tanker characters, however, when engaged in combat the fighting and combos are explosive and brutal. Players have a variety of skills available to them assigned to the left and right mouse button, Q, E and space bar with the WASD as movement, using two key bars, one to build up Action Points to perform their attacks or sprint (essentially a stamina bar) and a Skill Points bar to build up big attacks that can drop an entire group.


  • OS: Window XP SP 3 or higher

  • Processor: Dual 2.4GHz

  • Memory: 2GB

  • Graphics: GeForce 9600 GT or Radeon HD 3600

  • DirectX: Version 9.0c

  • Hard Drive: 3GB


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