Cosmic League

Cosmic League

GENRE: Free to play MMO Shooter
DEVELOPER: Cyberstep


A team focused battle arena where two teams of 15 can fight against each other with futuristic cute girls with guns or deadly robots, as they engage in fast and intense matches fighting across the ground or up in the air. Collect new characters, upgrade and equip them, and battle through different ranked leagues for extra prizes.


  • Dozens of unique Cosmoloid characters to collect

  • Equip them with powerful weapons and armor boosts

  • Fight across sprawling maps and complete objectives

  • Fast paced combat

  • Free to play


The game is primarily a team deathmatch game with objective focused aspects where players fight in two teams, from two players per team up to fifteen, the core of the game revolved around collecting new character to fight with and progressively improving them with various upgrades and trying to improve your rank to climb into better Leagues.


Combat has an interesting twist, it relies less on player skill when it comes to aiming as the characters have a locking on facility that enables auto-targeting with ranged attacks, instead players must try and dodge attacks, outmanoeuvre opponents, and use elements of the battlefield such as huge crates to provide cover or as hurled projectiles to try and out-play the enemy. With the lack of aiming the skill comes more in the mobility aspects, allowing players to quickly dash across the battlefield, jump up to high ledges, or even fly and fight in aerial combat.


There is a wide selection of different characters to choose from known as Cosmoloids, they are broken down into different classes, six in total, come in different Grades to represent how powerful they are and their general level range. Of the classes players can be:

  • Assault – Mobile characters that can keep out of the way of attacks whilst continuously dealing damage to the enemy in close quarters combat

  • Panzer – Durable close range ground fighters, they take a direct approach to fighting and dash towards their enemies to obliterate them

  • Aerial – Mid to Close range aerial combatants that prefer to fight in the air, or dash in and out of ground combat then quickly escaping after dealing damage

  • Buster – Heavily armed but weaker defensively, their strength comes in their unmatched ranged and devastating damage output, but their lack of countermeasures to escape enemies makes them vulnerable

  • Fortress – Slow and steady these walking tanks prefer high-altitude positions where they can pepper the ground forces with artillery attacks

  • Jammer – Using shields that can reduce damage or energy fields to slow enemies, these support style fighters are great at aiding allies and hindering opponents


There are 4 grades of Cosmoloid in the game, C, B, A and S, which represents the 4 level range bands: 1-10, 11-20, 21-30 and 31-40. Some characters will by default start as a certain Grade, others can be improved from a C class up to an S class character. When a character maxes out the level for their Grade’s level range, they need to remove the limit by spending currency and using special items, allowing them to continue levelling.


There’s a lot of ways to customize Cosmoloids, the quality of the upgrade is determined by the characters Grade, allowing them to equip more powerful weapons, armor or boosters the higher their level. These customizations improve various aspects of a character including damage output, defenses, mobility and other utility bonuses.


All players will start life in the Rookie League, teamed up and matched against other players of the same League Rank range, which can be improved through gameplay so that the more you play and the higher your skill level, you are promoted into higher Leagues so always against appropriately skilled players. Rookie, Prime and Master Leagues are the standard Leagues, with Prime and Master the Team Deathmatch objective changes slightly and introduces a tower destroy/protect element to the game, where teams lose massive amounts of points if their Tower is destroyed in a battle. Away from this there are various event based Leagues such as the Gold League, which require earned tickets to participate in these matches, however, in doing so players get the chance to unlock some powerful and rarer items.


  • OS: Windows Vista, 7 or 8

  • CPU: Intel Core i3 or higher

  • RAM: 4GB

  • HD Space: 2GB

  • Graphics Card: GeForce GTS 450 or higher


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