Combat Arms: Line of Sight

Combat Arms: Line of Sight


GENRE: Free to play First Person Shooter MMO
DEVELOPER: BlackSpot Entertainment


A high octane first person shooter Combat Arms: Line of Sight is completely free to play and allows intense team based battles across a variety of maps and game modes and offers up in-depth character customisation ranging from weapons to superhuman abilities.


Fight in team based battles with four different game modes
Four exciting levels to explore
Customise your characters with a range of weaponry
Learn psychokinetic abilities to cast fire, lightning and teleport
Fast-paced PVP combat
Earn XP to gain rank and credits to purchase items in the shop
Free to play


At its core the game is a traditional PVP focused team based first person shooter where players go head-to-head in short combat battles, working together and trying to achieve the ultimate objective and win the round. Players earn XP and credits to increase their rank and purchase gear from the in game shop. The game is extremely well designed and the levels feel varied and interesting, it has high quality detail with boththe level and character design as well as effects, yet still retains the old school FPS feel.


Characters are customised with a variety of methods, ranging from their gear that they can purchase in the shop such as grenades, sidearms, knives and their primary weapon, which can come in the form of shotguns, assault rifles and even sniper rifles to suit all types of player. Furthermore weapons can be tuned to increase their stats and capabilities, increasing firepower, range, ammo capacity, accuracy and more.

As well is this players have the ability to equip 2 types of Ability, such as:

Pyro - heat up the air and launch a fiery projectile from your hands to burn your enemies alive

Vengeance - allows players to instantly locate any enemy that has just attacked them

Sneak Attack - deal extra damage when attacking enemies from behind

Electrocution - fire off forks of lightning towards your enemies for a brutal and electrifying kill

Blink - instantly teleport a few feet in front of you to quickly evade attacking enemies

Blood Trace - Tracks enemies that have inflicted any damage upon the player


There are four different game modes that players can compete in:

Eliminate - here players work together in teams to try and eliminate their opponents in a team based deathmatch, when players are killed they can respawn back into the battle and players earn points for every kill with bonus points for kill streaks; the first team to reach the designated score wins

One Man Army - similar in rules and victory conditions as Eliminate, in this game mode players are in a solo player deathmatch where each player fights for themselves and everyone else is a viable target

Domination - with multiple capture points dotted around the map players must attack and defend these areas, holding them to earn points with the victors being the first team to reach the required score to win the round

Search and Destroy - one team is tasked with destroying an enemy location by detonating a bomb, requiring them to reach the area and plant it then defend the site until detination, meanwhile the opposing team must defend areas and defuse any active bombs


There are four different maps in the game; different games can be played on each map:

Savannah Flu - a seemingly abandoned Middle Eastern village complete with slums, partly constructed buildings and abandoned research tents

Snowy Cover-up - high up in the snowy mountains lays a military retreat, a huge map filled with wooden cabins and snowy gullies and a variety of vantage points to take out enemies

Under Siege - out at sea fighting on the deck of a huge battleship, with various platforms and corridors to navigate the map creates a range of up close and mid-range combat

Rusty Cage - an old warehouse with various freight containers, players will navigate the maze of boxes for some up close combat encounters


O/S: Windows 7/8
CPU: Intel Core i3-530
Video: GTS 450


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