Clash of Ninja

Clash of Ninja

GENRE: RPG - Strategy
PLATFORM: Web Browsers


Clash of Ninja is a free to play browser MMO that allows players to recruit and train a group of ninja characters from the world of Naruto, familiar names to join their team as well as go up against some familiar foes.


- Naruto anime themed
- Recruit your squad of Ninja
- Level up and improve each Ninja individually
- Upgrade your own village to harvest resources
- Explore the Misty Map for exciting encounters
- Quest orientated PVE Campaign Mode
- PVP Territory War
- Free to play
- Browser gameplay


The main focus of the game is to build up a strong team of Ninja characters and attempt to defeat PVE challenges and best other players in PVP, with team management features players don’t directly control their ninja in combat and instead are responsible for choosing suitable Ninja combinations, choosing their position in formations, selecting which abilities they will use, and more. There is a focus on accessing repeatable content such as fighting through old PVE Stages to acquire loot drops and repeating a cycle of a upgrading your ninja through various systems.


There are a huge variety of ninja characters available to recruit in the game and add them to your personal squad, ninja come in all shapes and sizes with their unique abilities and stats, with many being characters that are seen in the Naruto series. Ninja can be obtained through various means such as completing specific Campaign stages, defeating certain challenges, purchasing them in the shop or earning them as prizes. Each ninja is given a Grade to signify their power and rarity (D-C-B-A-S) which can be quickly indicated by the colour of the character card; players pick up star shards that when applied to a ninja will increase their star power and, once filled, can increase the characters grade.


One of the vital elements of the game is keeping Ninja characters levelled up, this can be done in various ways including:

Ninja Level – Each ninja has its own level which determines its base power but also sets the cap for how high their skills can be levelled; by using Ramen and other food items Ninja are given XP points to level up – ninja cannot level up higher than the players account level

Skill Levels – As a ninja advances they unlock various new skills, which they are able to level up to make them more powerful; a skill can be levelled up as high as the ninja’s character level, using Copper coins to increase it

Evolve – For this system players must collect six specific items looted from specific PVE stages and equip them to their ninja, each ninja has very particular items which must be acquired; when all items are equipped the ninja can be Evolved to grant it extra boost and bonuses – this consumes the ninja’s items and refreshes the list with new, rarer items, including some items that can only be acquired by Synthesizing two regular items and combining them to make the new one

As ninja are improved they increase their strength and power, with each Ninja in a squad adding to the squads overall Battle Rating; a numerical value to indicate how strong the team is in comparison to other players.


Every player begins with a village that they rule over, able to upgrade different buildings to access new features as well as build up different resources to improve their ninja, such as Residences which give access to Copper to spend, Grocery to acquire food and Ramen, Wood Yard for lumber, and more.


The PVE Campaign allows players to advance through various stages in the game, facing threats that grow increasingly more challenging as well as an Elite version to go over old stages that have had their enemies made more difficult and provide greater rewards. For PVP players primarily battle through the Territory War where they control their own territories across a huge map and are able to take control of NPC territory and that of other places; different territories yield different types of resources and once controlled can be levelled up to increase the yield of resources created there.


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  1. david November 19, 2016 at 2:49 PM -

    the game is very bored

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