Clash of Avatars

Clash of Avatars

GENRE: Free to play MMO RPG
PLATFORM: Web Browsers


A free to play browser RPG Clash of Avatars was developed for Asian audience and has been translated and now published for the western market; focusing on completing quests and unlocking a larger storyline, players will advance their character, gain new abilities and unlock new features as they progress through the game.


  • Three different classes

  • Collect 60 Avatars

  • Upgrade gear and abilities to increase B.R.

  • Take part in dozens of events

  • Quest based story adventures

  • Free to play

  • Browser based gameplay


The core of the game focuses on players trying to improve their characters B.R., with quest based content to progress the story and adventure, the main features revolve around the many ways in which you can improve your character. These features generally revolve around acquiring currency and spending it in many different ways to increase stats, gear, pets, mounts and more. End game content has high level PVE which requires groups of players to overcome, or battling in PVP to reach the top ranked spots on the server as a matter of pride, but also to earn rewards.


There are three classes in the game:

  • Warrior – a defensive martial character using a sword and shield, their primary goal in battle is to defend their companions and take damage for them, but they are still competent fighters able to deal some damage

  • Mage – defensively weak the Mage makes up for this by being a truly offensive damage dealer with large powerful magic attacks, they can take on strong opponents and live to tell the tale

  • Priest – able to fight well enough on their own, they lack the offensive and defensive characteristics of the other classes, but make up for this by having powerful healing abilities that can keep both them and their allies in the fight for longer


There are numerous ways to improve your character in the game and improve their B.R., at any time players can access these features once unlocked and spend their available gold, spirit and other key items to increase different aspects of their character. In the Forge system players can directly later and upgrade their equipment, using the Promote to pay to increase the Tier of their items, or Enhance to improve its stats, both of these features essentially do the same thing but have a different type of cost. The Zodiac allows players spend star dust to unlock different star constellations and improve their character in different ways, or players can spend gold to upgrade the rank of their skills to make them more powerful. All upgrades have a cap that is based on the characters level, so even spending cash on Diamonds players are still limited to how powerful they can make their character without levelling them up.


There are numerous events in the game that are a primary source of in game gold, spirit and various resources needed in the numerous features to improve your character. Some events are triggered during certain times in the day, which allows players to gather together at the same time, ideal for events such as the World Boss which requires large numbers of players to take it down, or team based battles such as Capture Flag that needs multiple people. Other events can be tried at any time, such as Solo Dungeons, but may have charges so you can only do them a certain number of times a day.

Some Events focus on giving the player gold and items, such as Daily Blessings that can yield gifts and currency, or the Gold Bank which allows you to trade diamonds for gold or fight a statue to acquire gold from it. Completing daily quests, answering Quizes and other events will also let you earn more gold for your character.


The game is completely free to play with an optional VIP system that players can pay real cash to increase, with different VIP Tiers, these unlock extra perks within the game. Players can also acquire and spend Diamonds, the games premium currency, that allow them to shortcut upgrading different items instead of needing to collect resources.


Web Browser


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