Civilization Online


GENRE: Free to play MMORPG
DEVELOPER: XL Games and 2k


Civilisation Online is a free to play MMO RPG, a step away from the hugely successful series where players would have total control over a civilisation itself, instead in the game players will control a single member of that civilisation and control their own character and their destiny.


- Play your own unique character in community driven civilisation
- Multiple civilisations including China, Rome, Egypt and the Aztec Empire
- Progress through different technological eras
- Work alongside and against other rival civilisations
- Take on different careers for your character
- Actual game win conditions


The game takes place in a persistent and dynamic world and revolves around individual players working together as a larger community to progress their own civilisation working towards various potential win conditions. Players progress through six technological eras: Ancient, Classical, Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial and Modern, unlocking new buildings, military units and civilisation changing abilities as they go.

Each world made up of four initial civilisations is its own individual game, where players compete against each other to try and reach one of the ultimate goals such as conquering most of the world or winning the space race, similar to those victory conditions in the previous titles. Once a civilisation has reached a victory condition the game ends and is reset with players being able to take over certain benefits and bonuses earned from the previous game.


Each player has a number of different careers that they can choose from, such as Miners, Soldiers, Farmers and Engineers. The roles that they fill will help progress their society and civilisation, constructing the buildings and architectural wonders needed to improve their civilisation, creating and managing the farmlands that will feed the populous, fighting in the Army against other players, gathering much needed resources or even conducting acts of espionage!

Players will not be limited in choosing a particular “class” career and can switch between them as they wish choosing to advance by unlocking new skills for their role or becoming a more advanced version of it e.g. advancing from being an agricultural farmer to a genetic engineer. Players will have character levels but the game does not place a burden on levelling and tries to avoid the grind.


As well as the typical careers some players will advance as natural leaders, fulfilling necessary roles such as city mayors and military generals that will work towards completing various objectives and keeping order to the civilisation as a whole. Those players who perform their role badly have the chance to be removed from their position to give way for a more capable prospects, or lacking any leadership at all, which can drive a civilisation into the ground, halting advancements and leaving them open to being conquered by a more organised civilisation.


Players are responsible for crafting the majority of the buildings in the game, including entire cities, and responsible for the placing and location of structures used by the rest of the civilisation. As well as public buildings players will also be a craft clothing, weapons and transportation that can be used by their fellow citizens.


Civilisation is as much about conflict as it is cooperation, and where a civilisation may pull together so too will they be challenged by their rivals and the potential for military conquest by your rivals is a constant threat. There will be numerous types of combat available such as one-on-one combat or huge sprawling battles with hundreds of players trying to take over a city (with the exception of the three starting cities, which are immune from conquest).

Extended conquest of enemy lands will require organised strategic campaigns, play death results in players re-spawning at their main city outside the town hall. However, with construction of a forward outpost and players can respawn closer to the front line meaning they can continue their push into enemy territory making attacking enemy advanced outposts a key objective in combat to ensure they have a long to get back to the battle as well as upsetting their supply lines.

Each of the civilisations will start in its own territory, undiscovered from its rivals, the progression of each civilisation will be unknown until they are first discovered by players exploring and expanding the uncharted world.


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