GENRE: Free to play Platform Beat-em-up
PLATFORM: Windows / Mac / PS4
DEVELOPER: Blue Mammoth Games


Brawlhalla is a 2D side scrolling platform fighter game where players can battle with each other using dozens of different Legends across a variety of maps based in Valhalla, fighting in both ranked and unranked matches. With action packed gameplay players will leap from platform to platform in huge slug-fests, trying to grab all sorts of weapons to dominate their opponents and beat them into submission!


- Dozens of Legends to fight as
- Multiple map arenas
- Action combat with brutal combos
- Ranked 1 v 1 solo matches
- Ranked 2 v 2 team battles
- 4 player free for all battles
- 8 Player 4 v 4 free for all
- Online and Local play
- Cross platform
- Free to play


The game focuses on a 2D platform beat-em-up battle across various maps and game modes where players duke it out as “Legends”, various characters with their own unique abilities and play style that players can learn to master. Free to play there are a selection of characters that players can play for free, otherwise they can unlock new ones through playing the game or by spending premium currency.


The combat system is very explosive, using keyboard for movement and mouse to initiate attacks, players jump around the map able to double jump, bounce off walls, and use a variety of aerial acrobatics and combo moves. The map layouts consist of various floating platforms where if players are knocked off them there is a period where they can try and leap up through the air back onto the platform, otherwise they will be KOd and their opponent will score a point. When a player is KOd they are returned to battle after a few moments and can carry on fighting, the player that has scored the most points during a fight is the winner.

Periodically weapons will appear on the battlefield, which allows players to summon their favoured weapons. This gives Legends an added attack bonus as well as allowing them to use some of their special attacks. As well as this a number of grenades and bombs will drop giving players other alternative attacks that can suit different playstyles.


There are currently 32 playable characters in the game, each having a unique look, lore, weapons and stats:

Asuri – “The Night Stalker” this female Tiger is a ferocious fighter, a protector of the Punjab borders who would repel the soldiers that would come to oppress her village folk; she is a dexterous combatant that uses the Sword and Katar blades in combat

Azoth – “The One-Man Dynasty” this lich incarnate has been brought back from death countless times, a vow that his great empire would endure for all eternity, ancient dark magic is the key to his longevity; whilst he prefers reading and taking care of his cat over constant battle, when in the fray he wields both a Bow and Axe

Lord Vraxx – “The Despotic” hailing from the distant planet of Roldakk-9 young Vraxx was a cadet pilot in the Zhaktar Academy for Conquest and Subjugation, as a young warlord his arrogance and overconfidence lead to a tyrannical rule where he would purge a world on a whim; in Valhalla he uses hi dexterity, Rocket Lance and Blasters to oppress his rivals


There are a variety of game modes for players to experience ranging from 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 and free for all battles where it is every man (or creature) for themselves. Battles typically have a time limit or a “best of..” win victory and players will earn XP and currency through their battles so as to improve their characters and acquire new gear. The game offers both ranked and unranked play where players can work to progress up the rank ladder for rewards as well as an offline “local” mode where players can play against their friends at home.


Each Legend has a number of different skins that they can equip in combat, as well as skin variations for their weapons, taunts, sidekicks (the creatures that bring them back into battle), colour variations and even KO effects including a huge T-Rex appearing on the screen and chomping down a KOd opponent!


O/S: 10.7 (Mac, doesn’t work on 10.6.8)
HDD: 200MB (400MB Mac)


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