GENRE: Free to play Team Action MMO
DEVELOPER: BattleCry Studios / Bethesda Softworks


BattleCry is a free to play action MMO where 32 players in total can battle against each other in team based combat, divided up into different factions, and with a wide selection of different classes to choose from. The game is set in a unique setting with a rich illustrative graphical style.


- Team based PVP
- Up to 32 players in a battle
- Multiple factions to choose from
- A variety of different classes offering different combat styles
- A unique world setting
- Fast-paced action combat
- Free to play


In BattleCry players will align themselves with one from a variety of different factions and choose between multiple classes as they enter bloody ritualistic WarZones to fight for their faction in an attempt to maintain peace. With fast action battles over maps that combine spacing, positioning and verticality to offer a multitude of strategies and tactics that play as advantages and disadvantages of the different classes, war has never been so fun.

Players are able to progress in the game and improve their chosen class warrior by competing in battles and earning iron. Whilst they advance through the ranks and unlock brand-new effects and abilities to further improve their strategies.


At the beginning of the 20th century world war that nearly decimated every surviving nation marks a change in how war would be conducted in the future, the new Black Powder Treaty banned gunpowder and prompted the advancement of Pansophic technology; utilising kinetic energy and weaponizing it. As these technologies advance old tensions re-emerged and war was once again inevitable, though, instead of the wanton carnage as seen in the previous war, the surviving empires changed the Rules of Engagement and now battles are won and lost by a handful of elite fighters in the designated WarZone arenas.


There are currently two known factions that exist in the game, though there will be more added as development continues, each faction as its own flavour to the classes in both appearance and how the individual units play in battle:

The Royal Marines - trying to hold onto the fragile remains of their far-flung empire, the Royal Marines are the force that represents the United Kingdom, the infamous redcoats that battled in the Crimean and Napoleonic Wars. In this global warfare, the United Kingdom staunch supporters of the modern WarZones as they see them as a means to legitimise their Empire without the heavy financial burden of battle

The Cossacks - a headstrong people that have converted their villages into specialised military estates, giving them an advantage over their former Lords. They rose up and declared their independence. In rebellion against their Russian and Polish kings they earned their independence and created the Cossack Kingdom and now fight to keep a hold of their territory.


There are currently five released classes that will be available to play, with more to be added in the future as the game is constantly updated:

Tech Archer - the long ranged combatant uses a volley of arrows and bolts to devastate their opponents and thrown daggers when up close and personal, the Royal Marines Archer uses a traditional British longbow, whereas the Cossack Archer uses twin crossbows

Enforcer - equipped with a huge sword that can deal impressive amounts of damage in melee combat they also use their futuristic tech to transform their sword into a energy shield to protect both themselves and their allies as well as empowering them with buffing battlecries

Duellist – a dual swordsman that utilises stealth, patience and timing to move in and out of battle with speed and precision attacks, often find themselves behind enemy lines that use of her cloaking technology that hides are completely from sight

Gadgeteer - armed with a wide variety of gizmos and gadgets they are a versatile combatant in the WarZones, prepared for any situation, as well as being equipped with a magnetic gun to bring some pain to the enemy

Brawler - well trained in hand-to-hand combat this once traditional fighter has had his own set of upgrades and now comes equipped with huge mechanical arms that are used to pummel and crush his victims in brutal and bloody melee attacks


Currently unknown




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