Atlantica Online





Ndoors Interactive


Atlantica Online is a mix of turn-based strategy, city management, exploration with a host of other unique features including their mercenary system. Delve into the unknown in search of the lost city of Atlantis, searching for relics in order to destroy them, the overlying story will reveal a link between the player and the sunken city.

Adventure across the globe to a variety of different dangerous and mysterious locations and you navigate through time itself as you discover the secrets of human history. Face off against creatures from myth and legend, mutated and evolved to become serious dangers, with your band of mercenaries that you will meet along the way only then can you hope to defeat such threats.


-       The unique Mercenary System allows players to employ a maximum of 28 mercenaries into their ranks, switching between your hired companions to face off against various threats, increasing their rank and level as you do so.

-       Tactical and turn-based combat brings a unique form of strategy to the game, often missing in other MMO’s.

-       Put out a PVP challenge to other players, betting your own hard earned gold

-       Players of different servers can meet up on Titan server, allowing players to switch their normal characters between servers

-       Form a Guild and battle to take over a town and form a nation, by becoming King you gain a number of abilities and bonuses unique to your status and are able to declare war on rival nations.

-       Established in your home that can be fully decorated and used to enlist your mercenaries into further employment as artisans and chefs to aid with crafting projects.


Using the Mercenary System players are able to control 27 mercenary is at a time, broken down into three different teams, each of which is made from nine characters; the system lets you balance various skills and combinations to see which suits you best. Rear your mercenaries up from children and even marry them to other available mercenaries where they will can have baby-mercs of their own!


Control your own city and, should you wish, declare war on your rival’s if you have become a member of a guild. Manage all aspects of the city from commerce, culture and industry as well as determining the layout of your buildings for optimisation.


this unique league puts players in a similar level range against each other in combat; made up from eight daily competitions that last a total of 90 minutes and take place every three hours. Battles last nine minutes and successful players can earn reward and reputation through their successes.


CPU: Pentium 4 1GHz

VGA: GeForce4 TI4200, 64MB or higher (requires vertex pixel shading)

RAM: 512MB or more

Hard Drive Space: 5GB

DirectX 9.0c or higher



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