Ashen Empires

Genre: Free to play Action MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Developer: Iron Will Games


This free to play game is a relative lay sandbox adventure were players can choose what they wish to do, similar to a classic old school pen & paper tabletop games where characters have their own set of attributes (Dexterity, Strength, Constitution and Intelligence), which directly determines how capable the play is at performing certain actions without having restrictions to classes. Explore this vast world, hunt creatures and monsters with your friends, perfect your skills and crafting or take on perilous quests for NPC’s.

Targets Protection

This feature ensures that players are not able to accidentally target other players or NPC’s, though this feature can be turned off with a single keystroke. Accidentally attacking innocent NPC townsfolk will flag you as a criminal, even when the guards aren’t there to witness it all the peaceful NPC’s will quickly spread the word of your terrible deeds, which will in turn lower your own reputation.


How players conduct themselves amongst other players ultimately determines their alignment and reputation. When starting the game and entering the world everyone begins with a neutral, untarnished alignment. By doing good deeds for innocent players and townsfolk, killing monsters that are around your own level and completing heroic quests for various good factions, your respects and alignment will increase over time.

Criminals and Jail

When performing actions that may be considered to be a disruption in peaceful areas, oral looting other players when guards are nearby, players are flagged up as being a criminal for a period of time. During this time guards will attack you on sight, if killed you’re instantly taken to jail where players must serve out their time before they are released back into the world, however players are able to crush rocks to slowly reduce their sentence or purchase a pardon in the tokens store using premium currency.


Players are able to engage in city sieges to try and change a particular cities faction alignment, in doing so the opposing factions are unable to enter the city without being attacked by guards or speak to any of the NPC vendors and quest givers. City sieges are begun by attacking the town Guardian, the massive golden knight that watches over the city, if killed in battle then the attackers are able to claim the city for themselves.

 System Requirement

Operating System: Win 98/ Win ME/ Win 2000/ Win XP
CPU: Intel or AMD (x86)
RAM: 64 MB
HDD: 85 MB
Graphics: SVGA
Sound: Compatible with DirectX
DirectX Version: 8.0



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