GENRE: Sandbox FPS
DEVELOPER: Bohemia Interactive


A standalone total conversion of the popular FPS strategy shooter game ARMA 3, Argo is a PVP oriented free to play first person shooter sandbox. Battle it out in competitive 5v5 matches across multiple maps and modes or in a 10 man co-op against AI. Play matches, earn levels and unlock new gear as you progress in the game, or create your own missions with an advanced 3D map editor.


- ARMA 3 style gameplay
- “Easy” and “Normal” game modes
- 5v5 PVP Matches
- A dozen maps and locations to battle over
- 3 main PVP modes and one Co-op mode
- Create your own detailed missions
- Level up and acquire more equipment
- Free to play


Argo is a typical modern FPS title converted from ARMA 3. Where players could battle in online matches through ARMA 3, now they have a dedicated game that is free to play. The core of the game is 5v5 PVP matches fighting across various game maps and a handful of modes, as well as a 10-man co-op versus advanced AI opponents. The combat system is very strategic and discourages players simply running in guns blazing; positioning and team play are vital. The games come in two main difficulty settings: easy and normal, which remove various HUD indicators and features to make a more realistic simulator. Currently there is no matchmaking or auto-balancing and players are able to choose which team they want to fight on and fill slots (making unbalanced teams at times).


When choosing to jump into battle players can choose to play in Easy or Normal mode depending on the type of experience they are after. Typically in easy mode players can see their health, available ammo and on screen indicators of who is an ally or an enemy. In normal mode these elements are removed making communication and monitoring the radar map far more important to track allies.


There are currently three PVP game modes available:

Clash – Attack and defend. Players must capture multiple sectors on the map over a series of rounds, the leading player on the winning team choosing the next sector for each round. Players must capture points by being present in the area. When players are killed they cannot respawn in that round unless a team has collected the airdrop reward (Attackers). If the defenders recover the airdrop then they reduce the round time making it more difficult for the attackers to complete their objective.

Link – Both teams must try to capture a single “Node 2” to earn points, capture various nodes along the way, or “Main” node to earn points whilst players occupy it. Players start with 5 respawns per team, earning more respawns by killing the enemy team.

Raid – Access and download secret intel from different terminals as the attacking team, or stop the enemy if defending. Teams must score three points to win a round (which prompts a side switch) by either downloading three terminals or defending it for the time limit. The airdrop in this match shows attackers which terminal is currently active.


The “Combat Patrol” co-op allows for various missions and maps that can be fulfilled by ten players on a team. In various areas of operation players must infiltrate an area, retrieve data, destroy targets and download intel. Teams only have a set number of respawns in a game before they will fail the mission.


Players will earn Points and Credits after every finished match; points contribute to both the players position on the leaderboard and their level. Each time a player levels up they earn a skill point which can be spent on the skill tree to unlock new equipment. Gear is purchased with credits and allows for a wide variety of customizable loadouts using various weapons, armors and cosmetics. Players will not be able to unlock all skills on the tree so must choose carefully, but can spend credits to redistribute their spent points.


O/S: Windows 7 (SP1), 8 or 10 (64bit)
CPU: Dual Core 2.4GHz
Video: GeForce 9800GT or equivalent
Sound: Compatible with DirectX
DirectX Version: 10


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