APB Reloaded

Developed by Realtime Worlds for Windows.


All Points Bulleting (APB) is an MMO third person shooter where players inhabit the city of San Paro, a bustling and thriving modern city where they will take on the role of a member of one of two opposing factions: Criminals or Enforcers, where they will fight for control and dominance of the city.

Become immersed in the massive game worlds which can hold 100 players in a single Action District, up to 250 players in a Social District and 100,000 players in each individual world.

As an online sandbox game what you do is entirely up to you, either running missions throughout the various districts on San Paro or engaging in PvP against enemy factions on foot or with a number of available vehicles that can be acquired in game. The matchmaking system allows solo play and group play missions, form alliances and rivalries, make a name for yourself and experience the depth and scope of one of the most customizable MMOs out there.


There are two available player factions to choose from, locked in a constant state of aggression with each other:

Enforcers: The defenders of San Paro, protecting the innocent and tracking down criminals and bringing them to justice. Patrol the filth plagues streets on foot or in your squad vehicle and dare to tread where citizens fear to go.

Criminals: Bring the city to its knees and bring anarchy and mayhem to the streets. Rob citizens or commit other petty crimes from vandalism to arson, to larger scale offenses from ram-raiding businesses to bombings and murder.


Depending on your choice of faction you’ll use your vehicle in different ways, either in a drive-by attack or as a getaway driver if you are part of the criminal element, or acting as an armed response unit if you are an enforcer of justice. As a driver or passenger you can make your way around San Paro with ease, get involved in dramatic car chases along the city streets and get involved in vehicle to vehicle fire-fights whilst crashing through destructible environmental items for a truly dramatic scene!

Unlock and collect new vehicles through gameplay or stealing NPC vehicles, each vehicle then being fully customizable using hundreds of auto-body parts to rig out your drive as you wish, but also using the powerful Symbol Designer you can change the look of your vehicle with various paint jobs and graffiti. Coordinate your vehicle to your own characters look, or even your own clans so that you ride in style as a group. Upgrade your vehicles performance and hear that engine growl or blast your own music from the stereo and you drive up and down the strip.


Take to the streets and fight out against other players on maps that support hundreds of players in dramatic third-person battles or enjoy the dynamic mission generator that will spawn an opposing mission to try and make sure you fail it at the hands of another player. Expand your arsenal and collect hundreds of useable weapons, everything from pistols, machine guns, rifles, grenade and rocket launchers! Depending on your tastes there are even stun weapon for those who wish to bring in perpetrators alive to serve their time.

Customize your weapons with various upgrades to adapt it to your own play style, collect weapons and upgrades and trade them with friends and clan members, finally earn medals and achievements with each success you make, gaining Notoriety and Prestige bonuses.

-       Action Districts: Get involved in the exciting near infinite replay missions and throw yourself into fire-fights and open world activities against dynamically chosen opponents, objectives and locations to make sure that each play through is a brand new experience.

-       Social Districts: It can’t all be killing and protecting the civilians, to take time to relax in the combat-free zones, the only regions in the city safe from crime. Meet and talk with new people or do some trading at the Marketplace, or flaunt your gear, vehicles and music at the Display points.


One of the most detailed and comprehensive customization systems available to any MMO, full customization of characters, weapons, gear, clothing and music. Unlock more and more exclusive items through gameplay, feeling the benefit of playing the game and displaying your rewards to other players.

-       Persona: Powerful and intuitive character creation tools allow you to create the image of yourself or anyone you can think of with impressive realism, add everything from the freckles on your face to the veins in your skin!

-       Wardrobe: Customize your clothing with a breath-taking amount of options, from style, trim, colour to symbols, you can make and earn new items of clothing and wear them in a multitude of combinations for that unique look.

-       Designer: Using the Symbol Designer you can create logos, symbols and pictures and place them on cars, your skin as tattoos or even graffiti.

-       Music Studio: A fully features sound studio for creating unique tracks and playing them in the world, attach them to your character so that they play when you kill another player, or even trade them on the Marketplace.

-       Share Music: Play your own music straight off your hard drive with the new Last FM technology so that other players can hear the same track if they own it or one from a similar genre if they don’t; the game also comes complete with 100 licensed tracks for the game.


Core 2 Duo 2Ghz or equivalent
2GB RAM (3GB for Vista64 / Windows 7 64)
nVidia GeForce 7800 – 256MB or equivalent
20GB Hard disk space


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