Angels Online

Genre: Free to play MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Developer: UserJoy Technology Co


Also known as “Angel Love Online” the game is a fantasy based free to play MMORPG with beautiful 2D manga graphics.

Key Features

-          A wide selection of magic and weapons

-          Four playable factions fight for Eden, each with their own unique city that they must protect

-          Select your class and watch as you learn more skills as you progress

-          Purchase pets from earth, wind and fire elves to serve as companions, or the rarer beast, nature and brute monster eggs

-          Progress through the unique Angels Lyceum tutorial quest area as you advance into a more powerful angel


Long ago when the heavens and the realm of humans were one there was a utopia, a peaceful happiness where god and humans lived in harmony. When the powerful archangel Lucifer fell madly in love with a beautiful girl that had eyes for another angel, the jealous archangel became senseless and in his rage transformed her into dew and her true love into starlight so that they would be separated forever.

Knowing that his actions would not go unpunished Lucifer raised his own army to oppose God, but against the deity the archangel was destined to fail and so it was, and for his further crimes he was exiled to Hell. There the fallen angel plotted and schemed and planned his revenge. His eyes turned to the legendary Garden of Eden Lucifer plans to destroy God once and for all.

Playable Classes

Priest: Strong defensive and healing spells and is able to equip cloth armor

Summoner: Proficient with curses and summon spels and uses cloth armor

Wizard: A practitioner of the magical arts using chaotic and destructive magic

Magician: A master of earth magiv to charm and transmute, as well as some stronger melee abilities

Protector: A strong defender and the games primary tank in combat equipped with plate armor

Swordman: A deadly damage dealer with short burst attacks, able to wear plate armors

Spearman: Can deal good ranged damaged and is able to wear plate amor

Archer: heavy damage dealing at long range and is able to wear leather armour

Weapon Craftsman: skilled with a forge to create weapons, mine oar, chop lumber and even control robots

Armor Craftsman: able to create heavy and light weight armour, gather resources and control robots

Tailor: can create major controls and cloth armour for Warriors, they collect, fish and control robots

Technician: able to develop new robot accessories as well as forging staves and ornaments, they can also collect resources and control robots

Chef: can create nutritious, ability improving foods, able to fish as well as control robots

System Requirement

Operating System: Win 95/ Win 98 / Win 2000 / Win ME / Win XP
CPU: Pentium 3
RAM: 256MB
HDD: 1.5GB
DirectX Version: 8.0s




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