Age of Conan

Genre: Free to play MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Developer: Funcom


Step into the world created by Robert E Howard as you play Age of Conan and embark on a challenging quest, rising up from the rank of an escaped slave you will earn your freedom and find your own destiny in the dark and dangerous world that is home King Conan.

Main Features

- Directional-based combat where you will put together attack combinations with brutal and graphically gory results
- Outstanding graphics that perfectly capture the world created by Robert E Howard
- 75 yrs of content from books, art, movies fully immerse you within the world and unfolding storylines, quests and a unique class story-arc to discover
- An in-depth crafting system allows players to make personal gear items and even build structures for their own city
- In-depth character customisation with various special abilities, skills and spells to give a unique, personalised field to your own character
- Massive PVP combat where players can fight for battlekeeps, declare war between players and even Guilds or go so far as to hire out your services as a mercenary and be paid handsomely
- Unique, exotic classes are available with the Demonologist, Dark Templar, Herald of Xotli as well as having a new twist on such classics as the That and Ranger.

Playable Races

there are four races now available within the game, from the classic Cimmerians who dwell within the icy mountains and survive the day-to-day in their humble clan villages, the noble Aquilonians who have settled and civilised the land building huge cities, the ancient Stygians born from the old desert lands and the mysterious Khitan, a recent discovery from a new continent.

Playable Classes

Depending on which race you choose there are a number of different available classes to play:

The Assassin - deadly, disciplined and cunning they make their living from murder

The Barbarian - feared opponent upon the field of battle, their strength is in their relentlessness and aggressive nature

The Bear Shaman - at one with nature they are able to manifest this ancient power

The Conqueror - well armoured and well-armed the rise to command and excel in leading forces

The Dark Templar - clad in heavy armour they are able to wield both weapons and dark magic

The Demonologist- these sorcerers are wielders of dark elements and masters of a electricity lightning and flame

The Guardian - drilled and stoic they are well trained defenders able to withstand assaults that would bring other men to their knees

The Herald of Xotli – part mage, part soldier their mastery of two handed weapons makes them powerful allies and dangerous enemies on the battlefield

The Necromancer - able to summon the undead as their loyal servants who brandish their own form of death magic

The Priest of Mitra - touched by the divine they have the power to heal and even return men from the grave

The Ranger - cunning hunters and deadly at long range they make up the most skilled marksman in all the land

Tempest of Set - bestowed with the destructive magic of the snake god Set, they are feared by all


Using a multidirectional combat system players can string together a number of attacks to create more powerful combos which do additional damage as well as attacking much quicker if done successfully. Starting with three directions as players level up to more directions are enabled creating longer combos with the even more devastating results.

Players can also engage in combat on horseback with restricted access to their combat attacks, but opening up new mount only attacks such as charges; a break from the normal three speeds, this attack can knock people over as you cannon past them.


Whilst the game is completely free to play there are a number of features that are restricted unless you pay a subscription; limited character classes and char slots, dungeons and sieges are inaccessible as well as other limitations such as limited bank space and no discounts at shops. This

Minimum System Requirement

Operating System: Win Vista or XP
CPU: Pentium 4 3GHz
Graphics: Shader Model 2.0 with 128MB ram e.g.  nVidia GeForce 6600


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