Genre: Free to play Flash MMORPG
Platform: Windows
Developer: Artix Entertainment

fight against hundreds of monsters in this epic adventure that can be played directly in your Internet browser, this free to play Flash RPG should appeal to casual players with only a little time to play and all solve those who wish to fully immerse themselves in an MMORPG. Hunt down creatures, build up your abilities and discover ancient weapons in your quests.

With well over 700 different monsters filling this vast world and hundreds of unique magical powers and items there is always something new to discover. Play as a Wizard, Ninja, Rogue, Knight, Vampire Slayer, Paladin, Mage, Dragon Slayer, Fighter and More!

Continuous Development
as the game is continuously being developed new content is constantly being added and the main game updated to improve gameplay and features, where new quests, items, areas and events are introduced on a weekly basis.

players can uncover rare coins by defeating challenging monsters within the game and purchase unique weapons, items, powerful spells and even houses in the specialised Z-token in-game Equipment Shop, or exchange your tokens for gold. Players are able to purchase large amounts of tokens using real-world currency.

System Requirement
Internet Browser, Flash v. 8.0


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