AdventureQuest Worlds

Developed by Artix Entertainment for Windows.


A new full feature MMORPG, played right on your browser so there is no need to download or install anything. The game is run using Adobe’s Flashplayer which is a fundamental part of most web browsers.


- Classes
it has 4, Warrior, Rogue, Mage, and Priest.

- Customization
Players can set their hair, skin, and eye color and chose from several hair styles.

- Servers
There are currently 5 servers, with 4 of them accessible by all players and the fifth reserved for premium paying members.


It has been completely revamped from the previous Adventure Quest game, rather than turn based battles on special random encounter screens, fights in AQ Worlds take place right in the game world in real time. Players passing by can observe and take part in battles. Combat is fast paced and most spells and abilities have instant cast times. Dozens of repeatable quests keep the grind bearable though progression still feels slow.


We will have the ability to multiclass. Each player has both a ‘base’ level and a ‘class’ level with different experience bars. This allows a player to gain class levels in potentially all 4 classes while continuing to raise his base level uninterrupted.


Web browser and macromedia flash player 8.0+


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