Abyss: Dark Arisen

Abyss: Dark Arisen

GENRE: Free to play MMO RPG
PLATFORM: Web Browser


A free to play fantasy browser RPG, Abyss: Dark Arisen allows players to step into the shoes of a rising hero battle against great evils that have been unleashed on the world and ultimately seeking to stop an ancient evil dragon escaping his eternal prison.


  • Three available classes

  • Enhance gear and mounts to improve your character

  • Solo Dungeons for quest based adventures

  • Multiplayer Dungeons for greater challenges and prizes

  • Craft your own powerful Warsouls

  • Action combat

  • Free to play

  • Browser Based Gameplay


Abyss: Dark Arisen is a feature packed RPG focusing on quest based advancement to unlock new regions and progress the main story arc, and enhancing your character through gear, skills and talents to make them more powerful. There are various PVP and PVE features for players to experience including solo and group focused content in action combat with real time battles where players must battle enemies and actively dodge their incoming attacks.


There are three playable classes in the game:

  • Warrior – a stalwart physical force able to smash through enemy defenses with their overwhelming abilities and huge weapons, heavily armored they are a vanguard for their companions and able to soak up the blows from their foes

  • Mage – a practitioner of the magical arts they are able to summon forth the powerful elements and harness their destructive forces, moulding them and turning them into powerful spells that can be hurled at range

  • Priest – blessed by the divine these servants to good are formidable companions, able to mend the most gruesome of wounds and even resurrect comrades that have fallen in battle; whilst focusing on support and healing they can also handle themselves proficiently in combat

Each class has 4 unique active skills that they can use that determine how they can best be played solo or as part of a team, earning XP and levelling up players unlock new abilities and increase their base stats that determine their overall character power.


The main portion of the game revolves around players advancing the primary storyline as they progress through various solo dungeons, instanced based encounters that they can fight through to also earn XP, gold and item drops. The dungeons follow a similar theme, look and creature set depending on the area, each instance facing players off against numerous creatures and finishing with a more challenging elite fight, upon completion players are given a score for the stage that will yield them even more rewards.


One of the key ways for players to improve their character is to acquire new gear, various armor and clothing parts as well as weapons that are found as loot drops from enemies; these items come in four different rarities (green, blue, purple and orange) signifying how powerful they are. Once equipped players can further enhance their gear a specific number of times by spending gold that will increase a certain stat depending on the gear type; the cost for the enhancement is based off the level and rarity of the item and each Enhancement has a % success rate, players can use a crystal to ensure a 100% success rate so that they do not waste any gold.


There are a variety of other features in the game including crafting Warsouls from crystals to create permanent passive buffs that can be equipped, upgrading your Stable to improve your mount and gain access to new ones. There are numerous events in the game from PVE such as Team Battles, World Bosses, the Abyss and other tasks that are unlocked as players level up, whilst some events are accessible at any time there are others that can only be performed at certain times of the day (typically server events); players can also engage in PVP either in Solo battles, Team fights or Guild wars in a tournament based knockout event. Many events will require players to spend some of their Stamina in order to participate, which replenishes over time or can be replenished by recharging (spending real cash on the game) and all events give some form of reward.


Web Browser


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