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1100 A.D. is a free to play war strategy game based in mediaeval Europe and is fully playable through your Internet browser. With a mix of city management play players must raise their village, town and city to build up their growing armies and train them for defence and future conquest. Starting within a valley and having other new players as your neighbours it will be your job to make new allies through trade and diplomacy and enemies of everyone else as you try to expand and destroy the empires built up from players all over the world.

Main Features

Accessible - as the game can be played in your browser that means you can play it anywhere

City Building - starting from a small mediaeval settlement you will rise and expand and improve the way of life for your citizens

Combat - take full control of your armies in real-time combat, make alliances with other players or try to defeat them through conquest

Heroes - Discover and higher new heroes to help the lead your armies and raise their skills in the process

To Trade Not to Trade - trade between players is fully optional, for those who prefer to just take what they want this is also a viable method of interaction!

Casual - focus on the areas that you prefer and let the AI take control of the rest in this truly casual MMO


System Requirements

Internet connection


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