F2P News November 22, 2019 | 5:19

Warframe’s ‘Rising Tide’ Update Coming Soon to PC; Preps Players for Highly Anticipated ‘Empyrean’ Launch EMPYREAN BEGINS WITH BUILDING THE ULTIMATE BATTLESHIP IN WARFRAME’S RISING TIDE COMING SOON TO PC Assemble a Clan and Embark on Quests Across the Origin… More »

F2P News April 5, 2019 | 3:59

Digital Extremes Remasters Warframe’s First Open-World Plains of Eidolon Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes has renewed its commitment to WARFRAME’s breakthrough open-world Landscape, Plains of Eidolon, with a full graphical overhaul available today on Steam PC. Retrofit with the… More »

F2P News March 25, 2019 | 15:19

Warframe Approaches 50 Million Player Mark at 6th Anniversary Celebrate a Record-Breaking 2018 and Six Years of Growth With Free In-Game Items This Wednesday for Warframe Digital Extremes is humbled and proud to announce today its cooperative online hit WARFRAME®… More »

F2P News February 28, 2019 | 2:50

Warframe Launches Nightwave Update Across All Platforms Today WARFRAME’S NEW ROGUE RADIO BROADCAST SENDS SIGNALS ACROSS ALL PLATFORMS TODAY ‘Nightwave’ Offers New Incentives and Rewards Players With Valuable Gear, Cosmetics and More Across PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch… More »

F2P News November 6, 2018 | 6:39

Warframe’s New Expansion ‘Fortuna’ Launches on Steam This Week DIGITAL EXTREMES USHERS IN WARFRAME EXPANSION ‘FORTUNA’ TO STEAM PC THIS WEEK Are You Ready, Tenno? Warframe’s Second Open World Builds on Plains of Eidolon’s Success with Exotic Landscapes, K-Drive Hoverboards,… More »

F2P News May 10, 2018 | 15:35

Digital Extremes doubles down with new Warframe and new game more on PS4 and XBox One Available Today on Consoles, the 35th Warframe Will Emerge in Warframe’s New Co-op Survival Mode LONDON, ON – May 10, 2018 – Independent Canadian… More »

F2P News July 10, 2017 | 8:09

Warframe Announces Its Next Expansion: Plains of Eidolon   At this year’s TennoCon, Digital Extremes announced the new expansion for Warframe: Plains of Eidolon. Launching later this year, this massive expansion will introduce the very first open zone, new creatures,… More »

November 13, 2015

Warframe Review We checked out the fast paced third person space shooter Warframe this week. Whilst we’re obviously well aware… More »

July 29, 2015 | 7:54

Warframe Developer: Digital Extremes Platform: Windows SYNOPSIS Warframe is a free-to-play co-op-focused third-person action game set in an evolving sci-fi world. Warframe armour provides players with unique offensive and defensive… More »

F2P News November 11, 2013 | 15:04

Bigpoint publishes Warframe Worldwide   Bigpoint and Digital Extremes have just surprised everyone by announcing that starting from today Bigpoint is publishing the popular acion MMO Warframe worldwide. “Bigpoint’s position as a world-leading F2P online expert gives us exactly what… More »