Free Mode Announced for Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor Launches Season 3

Trion Worlds' team-based strategy title, Atlas Reactor, will feature a free mode that will be available starting on August 9 via Steam. Players will have access to a unique weekly free rotation of characters and will be able to earn reward caches with cosmetic items, emotes, titles, skins, taunts and more.

But not everything is good news. There will be a limit on how frequently can free-to-play players open a reward cache and they won't be able to play custom matches or participate in tournaments. In order to do that, one single purchase will still be required.

By buying the game, players will unlock all characters, remove limitations and will be able to join custom games, ranked games and future tournaments.

Soon enough our F2PMeter will put this free-mode system to the test. Stay tuned!


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