Fiesta Online exclusive Free Items giveaway

Fiesta Online, exclusive Free Items giveaway
Fiesta Online exclusive Free Items giveaway


Today is teaming up with Gamigo to offer you an interesting promotion with free items for Fiesta Online! It's very easy to participate: you have 4 weeks (04.10.2013 - 01.11.2013) to register a new account for the game through our website (by clicking here or on the play button at the bottom of this page), and you will receive the following items:

Blue Dragonwarrior Uniform (6% Crit)(30 days)
The uniform of the dragon warriors. It gives its wearer a bonus of 6% to Crit

Purple Dragon (Speed 240) (30 days)
A seldom seen purple dragon whose speed is unbeaten (30 days)

Blue Mini Keby (+5 Stats)(30 days)
A small blue goblin who enlarges your loot by collecting it for you (stats) (30 days)

EXP Boost Card (EXP +20%)(7 Days)
Gives a bonus of 20% EXP increase from hunting. (7 Days)

HP Magic Potion (50,000HP)
An HP Magic Potion with a capacity of 50,000 HP



Have Fun!

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