Fiesta Online, exclusive Free Items giveaway


Today is teaming up with Gamigo to offer you an interesting promotion with free items for Fiesta Online! It's very easy to participate: you have 4 weeks (04.10.2013 - 01.11.2013) to register a new account for the game through our website (by clicking here or on the play button at the bottom of this page), and you will receive the following items:

Blue Dragonwarrior Uniform (6% Crit)(30 days)
The uniform of the dragon warriors. It gives its wearer a bonus of 6% to Crit

Purple Dragon (Speed 240) (30 days)
A seldom seen purple dragon whose speed is unbeaten (30 days)

Blue Mini Keby (+5 Stats)(30 days)
A small blue goblin who enlarges your loot by collecting it for you (stats) (30 days)

EXP Boost Card (EXP +20%)(7 Days)
Gives a bonus of 20% EXP increase from hunting. (7 Days)

HP Magic Potion (50,000HP)
An HP Magic Potion with a capacity of 50,000 HP



Have Fun!