Fiesta Online: Community Update Goes Live

Fiesta Online Anime MMORPG
Fiesta Online: Community Update Goes Live

Gamigo's free to play Anime MMO Fiesta Online has just been updated with two community content packages. Over the past weeks, players have suggested ideas and now a lot of them are in the game.

You can expect tons of improvements, such as the increase of XP rewards for various regular and Kingdom Quests, donkeys (mounts) available at the item merchant, new spawn points for numerous monsters, and the lowering of quest requirements for a wide selection of items. The archer class has been rebalanced in more than 13 individual steps, and about 20 bug fixes have been implemented.

In addition, the cities of Fiesta now feature Winter and Christmas sounds and decorations.

fiesta winter event image

If you want to know more about Fiesta, click on the "info" button below.

Source: Gamigo Press Release.

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