F2PMeter: Is Ghost Recon Phantoms truly Free-to-play?

F2PMeter: Is Ghost Recon Phantoms truly Free-to-play?

Here we are with a new episode of our F2PMeter! This time we will take a look at Ghost Recon Phantoms, the free-to-play online third person shooter from Ubisoft. Let's test its "free-to-play-ness" to find out if the game is truly free-to-play.

Originally released in beta as Ghost Recon Online, this online TPS bring online the well-known Ghost Recon Franchise. With heavy emphasis on teamwork and three available classes each one with unique devices and skills, the game tries to mix action packed matches and tactical gameplay. Check out our review of the game!


Ghost Recon Online - news

Remember that games start with a 100% of free-to-play-ness, and that percentage will vary depending on the answers to our questions.

Let's begin.


EN - Question 1

No. To play Ghost Recon Phantoms the only thing you need to do is to create an account and download the game.



EN - Question 2

Yes (optional) – -15%.. Whilst being free-to-play, the game offers the chance to buy a premium subscription called Athena Armory Access, which will give you early access to new items, unique items from previous release, XP and currency boost, Extra storage space and other perks.



EN - Question 3

No. Until now, every update has been free for every player.



EN - Question 4

Yes – -5%. You can buy weapons, armors, booster and cosmetic items available for premium currency only, such as headgear and weapon camo paints.



EN - Question 5

No. For what we've seen armors and weapons can be bought for both regular and premium currency (of course is faster to buy them through premium currency). The only things available only through premium currency are XP/currencyh boosters and cosmetic items such as headgear and camo paint for the weapons.

EN - Question 6

No. There aren't purchasable UI customization options in the game.



EN - Question 7

Yes. There are three classes in GRP, all available for free from the beginning.



EN - Question 8

No. There isn't any kind of action house in the game.



EN - Question 9

Yes – -10%. You can buy more storage space through real money (Extra slots are included in the Athena Armory Access premium account status).



EN - Question 10

Yes. Every map and game mode is available for free.



EN - Question 11

No. Every kind of content can be enjoyed from everyone for free.



EN - Question 12

Yes – +10%. The game seems to be fair and balanced for everyone. Sure, paying players may advance faster and have instant accesso to weapons and armors that other players have to earn trhough gameplay, paying it's more of a time saving matter than a way to obtain a direct advantage. The only things that you can buy and that aren't available for regular currency are boosters, cosmetic headgear and weapon camo paints.


Ghost Recon Phantoms screenshot (6) Ghost Recon Phantoms screenshot (4) Ghost Recon Phantoms screenshot (1) Ghost Recon Phantoms screenshot (7)

Ghost Recon Phantoms scores 80% of free-to-play-ness in our F2PMeter.


Ghost Recon Phantoms - F2PMeter - Result

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