Extraction Enters Closed Beta Phase


Extraction, the new free-to-play MMOFPS from Nexon America, is going to kick-off the closed beta phase on October 1. The registration process is starting today, so if you are interested in trying the game, be sure to head to the official website and apply for the beta. The lucky players which will be allowed to join this testing period will be contacted by mail on October 1.

Extraction MOFPS screenshot (1)

During this closed beta test phase players will be able to enjoy several maps and game mode, and put their hands on different mercenaries to play, each one with his/her unique skillset and playstyle.

Extraction MOFPS screenshot (5)Extraction MOFPS screenshot (4)Extraction MOFPS screenshot (3)Extraction MOFPS screenshot (2)

Source of information: Nexon America press release.

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