Exclusive interview with Thomas Painçon, Ubisoft’s Marketing Director


At Ubisoft’s Digital Days 2013 press event in Paris we got to sit down and have a candid chat to Thomas Painçon, Ubisoft’s Marketing Director for EMEA for all digital publishing, including free-to-play. During our interview we were able to touch upon the process of how Ubisoft decide on what will be an f2p game, why the company has taken so long to embrace the f2p genre and what their plans for the future are.

With a number of different f2p titles currently hitting the market from Ubisoft, it’s an interesting time for the company as they begin to explore just what is required of them and demanded by the players. Painçon speaks openly about their strategy, their business model and some of the mistakes they have made along the way.

Check out the video and you can easily get an idea of what the company is planning, where they’re going next and how they plan to get there.


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