EVE Online is Now Free to Play

EVE Online is Now Free to Play


From now on, EVE Online can be played for free. The latest expansion, 'Ascension', has introduced the "Clone states" feature, which removes trial accounts and makes the game free forever. Watch the trailer below.

All characters exist in one of two clone states: Omega and Alpha. Alpha status is the new base state, and allows players to train a specific set of skills and pilot the Tech 1 frigates, destroyers, and cruisers. On the other hand, Omega status provides unlimited access to skill progression and skill training. But it requires a subscription. It acts like the previous model.

"EVE Online is a very special game. Our single shard server means that every player truly affects every other, whether through economics, resource gathering, direct combat or social interaction," notes Executive Producer Andie Nordgren. "This in turn means that our universe is more interesting, more exciting and more dangerous with each additional citizen."

Additionally, the expansion also introduces fully voice-acted mentors, new environments, new experimentation options, new ships, a new UI help, and engineering complexes, a new type of structures.

Watch the trailer:

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