Elvenar Halloween 2022

Elvenar Halloween 2022
Elvenar Halloween 2022 - Weird and Wonderful Halloween Event Arrives in Elvenar

Elvenar, InnoGames massively popular fantasy city builder, challenges players to choose between building a magical elven or an ingenious human city. In this event, Mrs. Sniffles, a nature-loving witch, is on the hunt for animal spirits to help her with a ritual, but the forest is mysteriously empty. With her new friend, Sir Necklace, she is determined to get to the bottom of the baffling disappearance of the normally plentiful spectral beasts.

The event follows Mrs. Sniffles on her spooky adventure through the Misty Forest. Players must help her by completing quests to earn the Magic Ingredients that her tools require. With the help of the Friendly Spirits that she finds on the way, she will get closer to a powerful creature hiding in the depths of the woods.

Rewards can be gained by helping Mrs. Sniffles and her headless friend Sir Necklace move closer to the center of the forest and the ancient power that lurks there. Along the way, Players can collect different rewards, including buildings such as the Creepy Clinic, goods, items, and mana.

This event brings beautiful graphics and unsettling scares. From strange dolls to disturbed coffins, the forest is littered with the stuff of magic this All Hallows Eve.

With so many chills, incantations, and rewards available, the Halloween Event is the latest in a long line of intriguing and beautifully designed Events taking place in Elvenar.

Elvenar is free to play and available for PC and mobile devices on Android and iOS! Elvenar for PC, Elvenar for Android and Elvenar for iOS.

All the Elvenar Halloween Event 2022 here on this video here on F2P.com:

About Elvenar

Elvenar is a city-building Strategy-MMO set in a fantasy world. Tasked with creating a flourishing city, players can choose between Elves or Humans. This choice affects the appearance of the cities and their inhabitants, as well as the available technologies and units. The elves live in the midst of magical creatures in harmony with nature, while humans are ambitious builders and engineers. Between managing resources, leveling up buildings and unlocking new perks, players should also pay attention to the multiplayer-map if they want to find valuable relics. Yet, players might have to fight numerous fantastic creatures for them. Since its release in May 2015, Elvenar has been receiving continuous content updates, and as a cross-platform title, players can switch between browser, iOS and Android devices at any time.

Source: Innogames - Elvenar for PC, Elvenar for Android and Elvenar for iOS.

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