Drakensang Online Arrives on Mac


Drakensang Online expands its accessibility by being finally available on Mac as well. A Beta version for Apple OS X is already available on the official site and support the quick and easy Facebook registration system.

Drakensang Online screenshot (4)Drakensang Online screenshot (7)

In order to play with your Mac you will need OS X v10.7 (Lion) or a newer version, 2 GB memory or at least an Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphic card. The free update to OS X 10.9.1 (OS X Mavericks) is available at the official Apple website.

Our aim is to provide everybody easy access to Drakensang Online regardless of the operating system they use. We are very happy to invite Mac users everywhere to join our large community centered on the best 'hack & slay' gameplay available, with truly outstanding graphics and an epic story. We believe that this will enrich the Mac MMO space significantly”, says Jürgen Frerichs, Associate Producer of Drakensang Online.

Source of information: Bigpoint press release


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