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More Gamescom (this is not over yet!). Last week we were at Infernum’s booth talking about Dragon’s Prophet’s latest update, which includes a major class revamp, which is something big and changes the combat adding strong roles to it: tanks, healers and dps specializations.

We had a hands-on gameplay showcase of the latest patch which undertakes a huge task, revamping the core of the combat system, allowing all classes to further specialize into one of the 3 main roles, something which was impossible before.

We recorded it, of course, so feel free to watch it right here:

The developer who guided us through was kind enough to put us on track by telling us that there were no roles before, all classes had general damage dealing skills, maybe a handful of different skills but nothing very strong.

Right now the game features different talent tabs where players can specialize their character into one of the holy trinity roles; tank, healer and damage dealer. They can pick from these talents, improving the class’s current role, switching to a new one, adding skills, and much more. These new skills system even allows players to get proficiency and new skills for specific weapons.

All the skills now have ranks up to 10 and players can spend points on the skills they use the most to get the most out of them, or they can just become a jack of all trades by having skills for every single situation they can get themselves into.

The last thing we would like to point out is that we felt the graphics of the game were improved since last time we played it, there may be new shaders, visual effects such as gloom and something else which definitely makes it stand out more now.

If you want to know more about Dragon's Prophet, click on the "info" button below.


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