Desert Operations Arena Server

Desert Operations Arena Server
Desert Operations Arena Server

Gamigo’s military strategy game takes the global stage offering new challenges in its first ever international server for Desert Operations

Gamigo issues a new mission order to all players of military strategy game Desert Operations. On November 24, a new area of operations will be made available to all participants worldwide. This location comes in the form of the new international server called ARENA.

Between November 24 and December 21, generals will be faced with four weekly unique challenges, which will yield special achievements limited to this campaign. In terms of gameplay, a new trial also awaits each general in regard to gameplay, focusing more than ever on each player's individual skills. Combatants will compete with other players around the globe, wherever mission control will deploy them. Nevertheless, mission instructions will be localized to the player’s region. The new campaign will offer fast entry by providing 10,000 buildings of each type available from the start and reduced research times.

Upgraded tanks, new diner packages, and a time-limited opportunity to acquire more diamonds for the same price combined with a brand-new premium model that allows generals to focus on new unique strategies above all else.

Playing on the international ARENA server will challenge the strategic skills of each general to compete against other participants and to become the ultimate general – but all of this will be freely accessible. Enter the ARENA now, General!

Wait! A dispatch just arrived! From November 25 to 30, 2021, unprecedented sales with exquisite black diamond deals will be available in every in-game world. Players will be able to find just what they need to give their troops an added edge and then lead them to victory!

For more information, please visit Desert Operations.

Source: Gamigo - Desert Operations

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