Desert Operations 11th Anniversary

Desert Operations 11th Anniversary
Desert Operations 11th Anniversary

Desert Operations celebrates 11th Anniversary with 30 Days of War

Gamigo’s military strategy game invites its players to four weeks filled with challenging events starting today.

Gamigos popular strategy game Desert Operations kicks off its Anniversary with the "11 Years of War" event. Every week, daring generals can take up a new war challenge and prove their might against their fellow players.

Based on a point system, the top three participants of each permanent game realm will receive precious rewards and after the event is concluded, the DO Team will declare one winner from the best players of each GEO world. Finally, out of these selected few, they will announce the one who stands above all of others as the Grand Winner of the Anniversary challenge.

About Desert Operations:

  • Over 50 unit types, including combat swimmers, paratroopers, military planes, heavy artillery, bombers, and warships await the players

  • Real-time combat analysis

  • Spies can infiltrate enemy bases while players weave a network of tactical alliances surrounding their enemies

  • Research new technologies at designated facilities

  • Controlling the economy is essential to secure victory

More information about Desert Operations and the event can be found on Desert Operations.

Source: Gamigo - Desert Operations

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