Defiance Xbox 360 closed beta keys giveaway


After the promotions for PC and PS3, today we are teaming up with Trion Worlds in order to offer you the closed beta keys giveaway for the Xbox 360 version of Defiance, the long-awaited upcoming sci-fi MMOTPS.

This key is for the Xbox 360 Defiance beta event only. This closed beta event starts March 25th @ 8am PST and ends March 27th @8am PST.

**NOTE - IMPORTANT** The keys will be active only during this period: March 25th 16:00 (CET) – March 27th 5:00 AM (CET). If you try to If you try to activate your key before, you will get a pretty normal Error message.

Join an online open world shooter that delivers massive co-op boss battles and fierce multiplayer action in an evolving sci-fi universe. Experience just a slice of this massive game in the final closed beta. Please note - this beta code DOES NOT represent the final polished version of the game and includes just a small sample of what hass to come in the game at launch and beyond.

To redeem your code and get started, insert your email in the appropriate field and follow these simple steps:

1. Follow us on Facebook:

2. Login to your Xbox account on your Xbox 360.

3. Click the Xbox LIVE Guide button in the middle of your controller.

4. Scroll to the MARKETPLACE tab.

5. Select the REDEEM CODE option.

6. Enter the redemption code.

7. Once you have entered your code the game will be available for download.

8. Once the download is complete, follow the on-screen instructions.

Have fun!

PLEASE NOTE: The NDA will be lifted on March 22nd which means that you are free to live stream, comment, post, tweet, share videos etc. from this beta event.



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  1. IC3F3AR March 19, 2013 at 5:09 PM -

    Sadly this is region lock 🙁

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