Defiance Opens The Rock

Defiance Opens The Rock


Expeditions arrive in Defiance now that Trion Worlds release the Alcatraz update. This update also brings a new 6,000 EGO rating cap, new weapons, cyber rigs - a new type of customizable implants-, new outfits and new items.

Season three of the TV show is set to premiere in Summer 2015, but "The Rock" debuts now in the game. With the fallout of the East Coast, the iconic prison island becomes a new ray of hope. Alcatraz is now a a base that acts as staging point for Expeditions, progressive co-op raids against tough enemies that will grant increasing rewards. By defeating enemies, players get access to different rounds that will put their skill to the test. Difficulty and rewards scale with the EGO rating.

With this update, the game sees the arrival of Cyber Rigs, a new type of implants directly connected to the nervous system that augment the natural abilities and performance. There are up to 16 cyber chips that add special benefits.

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