DCUO Unveils War of the Light Part II


SOE has announced today the continuation of DC Universe Online's War of the Light saga, the next chapter of the DLC trilogy, which unites Green Lantern Hal Jordan with his rival Sinestro, as the two must set aside their differences to save the Emotional Spectrum.

DCUO’s 12th downloadable content (DLC) pack will be available on the PC, PlayStation3 and PlayStation4 systems later this year.

The second arc of a trilogy is always the juiciest. In War of the Light Part II , the storyline is more complex – we’ve added new obstacles, never before seen worlds and a new Lantern Corps – the Star Sapphires. These fierce, powerful and passionate Corps fight for the entity of love, making the battle between good and evil not so black and white, which presents players with a unique challenge.” – Jens Andersen, Senior Creative Director.

The DLC introduces six new adventures: new Daily and Solo Missions, one Duo, one 4-player Alert, and 4- and 8-player Operations, which will take place throughout Metropolis as well as Oa, Qward and the home world of the Star Sapphires, Zamaron. Six new skill points will be available to earn, and players will have access to a host of new Collections, Feats, new gear and Base items.

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