Cultures Online allow tribes to hunt together

Cultures Online has launched a new update that will allow tribes to hunt monsters together in multiple dungeons which until now was only available alone. In addition, the maximum level has increased to 149 that heroes can gather even more strength.

An overview on other important innovations:

- There are some weird beings lurking about the Bermuda Triangle. There's also a new colony there for level 140+.
- "The Burial Chambers of Tochpan" on Cuba are now available for levels 120-139.
- As of level 50, there are now 20 new quest locations all over the world to be explored.
- New achievements for working time, random missions, story missions, and victorious PvP battles
- The prizes for the lottery, which players receive on the 7th day, have been improved.

Source of information: Gamigo press release

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