Conflict of Nations World War 3 March 2019 Update

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Conflict of Nations World War 3 March 2019 Update

Dorado Games and Bytro Labs publishers for Conflict of Nations World War 3 offer the new update for March 2019.

Conflict of Nations continued working hard to provide you with general ease of use. Special attention was given to the WW3 Map and Map variants to ensure an even more balanced out scenario. Missiles have received an increase in cost per warhead to reflect the splash damage they have recently received. Besides this map we are also releasing a swathe of updates to the general usability of the game, as well as some hotly discussed balancing adjustments to our Artillery Line of Units.

General Updates:

● Updated hostile ranged units to be revealed when they attack a city or a province.

● Updated Gold Speed Up icons for buildings in multi-selected cities.

● Added notifications for when aircraft re-bases due to a destroyed airbase.

● Improved unit pathing performance.

● Added new spy action notifications.

Map Update:

● Added Anchorage city for USA / Harbin city for China / Khuzdar city to Pakistan

● Poland: Major province overhaul to match real-life border regions

● Austria: Minor Adjustments to nation and surrounding AI

● Serbia: Minor adjustments to borders to fit background

● Balkans: Minor adjustments to AI nations to clean province borders

● Romania: Minor adjustments to match background

● Greece Minor adjustments to match background

● Ukraine: Major adjustments of provinces to match real-life borders

● Belarus: Minor adjustments to provinces to match background topography

Balancing Changes:

For a detailed list of all recent balancing changes please check out the in-game news, just visit Conflict of Nations to find them.

Source: Dorado Games - Bytro Labs - Conflict of Nations World War 3

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