Conflict of Nations Season 7

Conflict of Nations Season 7
Conflict of Nations Season 7

Featuring: The Elite Swarm Unmanned Air Vehicle on Conflict of Nations

The SUAV (Swarm UAV) is a light UAV that can be launched by a variety of ground forces. SUAVs can operate autonomously and are kinetic (i.e. explosive), and are effective against a variety of targets. While it's capabilities are versatile - it can be deployed for both, offensive and reconnaissance missions - its operational range and duration is limited.

Note: The new unit will only be available in NEW games which are spawned after release

The Season 5 Bombers make a comeback - for a limited time!

Those of you who haven’t had a chance to permanently unlock this destructive unit before can now have another crack at it during Season 7!

Security Council members need 1,000 Points in this Season for permanent unlock of the Bombers

In case this is your first Season, here’s a rundown how Seasons work:

● Earn Season Points by killing units in any of your games - they all count!
● Try out the unique Seasonal Units, available to everyone! (NOTE: Only available for new games starting now)
● Season 7 and 5 Units can be researched from a new tab in the Research Panel. Any Elite units you have already unlocked from previous seasons are fully able to be mobilized in any game of your choice!

In order to permanently unlock the Seasonal Unit and use it after the Season ends you must earn at least 1,000 Season Points for the Bombers, 2,000 Seasonal Points for the SUAV, and have also valid Security Council Pass.

Source: Bytro Labs - Dorado Games - Conflict of Nations World War 3 for PC, or Conflict of Nations World War 3 for Android or Conflict of Nations World War 3 for iOS

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