Conduit and Frontline arrive to Transformers Universe

Jagex has presented two new transformers who are going to join the line-up of Decepticon and Autobots of its awaited MMO, Transformers Universe. To celebrate this announcement Jagex has published two new videos, where they show these new two giant transformers in action.

The Decepticon Conduit is a skilled healer and a deadly a killer. This cold hearted gangsta uses his healing pistols and shotgun to keep his allies alive and ready to continue the fight whilst using his deadly blaster rifle to whittle down an enemy’s shields and health.

The Autobot Front-Line is a former vigilante ready to dispense his own brand of justice against the forces of Megatron. He can do serious body damage with his duel axes and giant hammer and with his powerful minigun he can obliterate an enemy’s shield.

Source of information: Jagex press release

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